Kaldath’s Caption Contest #?

Well it's been a while since my last caption contest however it time once again for you to provide me some replacement dialog. Your challenge this week is this!



As normal you get Three (3) entries each and all entries must be in by Tuesday August 20th to be considered. Good luck everyone


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25 Responses to Kaldath’s Caption Contest #?

  1. Avatar Bael says:

    I know they are. I just don’t care.

  2. Avatar Calvary_Red says:

    1. No, he goes by Nightwing now.

  3. Avatar LoneWolf6155 says:

    Hey, it’s not like I have to worry about catching a cold while crime fighting.

  4. Avatar Katmir says:

    1. “Because anything you can do, I can do without powers.”
    2. “Actually, my staff is keeping my eyes at the perfect tactical level.”
    3. “At least your belt’s not holding up your thong, Kara.”

  5. Avatar FRM says:

    1) “dont look so miffed! i’ve known your secret identity the whole time!”
    2) “are you seriously not worried about when you fly–like people below you…?”
    3) “that’s a nice–um–insignia you’ve got there…”

  6. Avatar Mr. Gross says:

    hah i totally just farted

  7. JR19759 JR19759 says:

    1. Yeah, I did just get a job in the TSA.
    2. Everyone thinks my dad could totally beat your cousin.
    3. We are so much more popular than you guys. Our logo is much bigger than yours up there.

  8. 1. Yeah, when’s the last time you were in a movie?

    2. French fries.

    3. And, leader of the Teen Titans…

  9. Avatar Frankie says:

    “I know what I’D be looking at if I had x-ray vision.”

  10. Avatar Zaheelee says:

    “She digs me”

  11. Avatar Worf says:

    1) I’d tap this, wouldn’t you?

  12. Avatar Nick Hentschel says:

    “I admit it: she fills out spandex better than I do.”

  13. ams ams says:

    World’s finest, indeed……

  14. DC-Lover DC-Lover says:

    1.Time to see if I got the Wayne charm
    2. My place or yours?

  15. Avatar Lightningsword says:

    1.Wanna go to dinner sometime?
    2.Seriously, you like, wear that while fighting crime?

  16. Avatar Lightningsword says:

    3. Awesome insignia. 3D!

  17. Avatar NateThePrate says:

    They’re nice, but you’re not Power Girl…

  18. Avatar Zaheelee says:

    Ever think about fighting crime in Gotham instead of Metropolis?

  19. Avatar punkjay says:

    So you think you could set me up with Wonder Woman!

  20. Avatar Steve042 says:

    1. …Your X-ray vision on? Hope so
    2. Man of Steel…was not inspiring
    3. Shouldn’t we do a vs film too?

  21. Timedrop23 Timedrop23 says:

    I’m feeling inspired by the new trailer for Kick Ass 2 with this one:

    “Hit Girl wishes she were me.”

  22. Avatar Herr D says:

    1. You didn’t know we’d be facing the Tickler?
    2. Holy ABS-solutely Supergirl!
    3. NO-ooo-oo! Skorts can look grown-up!

  23. Avatar TOOL says:

    I can really see what makes you super!

    Would you like to come back to the bat cave?

    Yeah I said it, Beiber is a douche and I stand by my word.

  24. Timedrop23 Timedrop23 says:

    I just saved a bunch of money on my RobinCycle insurance by switching to Geico!

  25. Timedrop23 Timedrop23 says:

    So what if I stole Green Lantern’s mask and Justin Beiber’s haircut?