The Big Question ♯10

My question this week is, what is the best comic book story ever written and why?

By story I mean a single storyline, it doesn't have to be confined to a single issue or even a single comic, but it must be a resolved storyline (e.g. The Dark Knight Returns). I'm being  vague here because it'll be interesting to see what you guys come up with.

Personally I'd nominate V For Vendetta, because Alan Moore is a genius and I'm biased for V over Watchmen (the more acknowledged of his two great masterpieces) because it's set in Britain so I relate to it better. The best thing about both these stories is that they have so many layers, an inbuilt depth that can only be created by great authors. Both are political and violent but under the surface there is a heart, a hope that the human race is capable of better.

That's my (surprisingly short) say, so now you guys can have yours.

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