Anime Talk: Blassreiter

This weeks "Anime Talk" is a mini review of Blassreiter a 2008 series which ran for 24 episodes is a very dark and violent Anime. The story takes place in Germany and revolves around what at least in the dubbed version of the show are called Amalgams which are reanimated human corps that have mysteriously contracted a condition that turn them into monstrous humanoid bio-mechanical creatures that go on mindless killing sprees once they transform.  The Amalgams are opposed by the members of the XAT ( Xenogenesis Assault Team) and a mysterious man named Joseph who himself is able to transform into an Amalgam. As the plot thickens and the causes of the Amalgams is discovered the real action begins and chaos over takes all of Germany and threatens to spread throughout the world.

Blassreiter as I mentioned before is very violent anime with tons of action and plenty of blood shed, however it also contains a very compelling  story, a number of interesting and entertaining plot twists as well as TONS of character development where even the motives of the "good guys" are questionable. The  animation I my opinion was very well drawn to the point I found myself really drawn into the dark and moody setting of the story. The characters are really well fleshed out to the point I found myself careing about what would happen to some of them. In the end I rate Blassreiter a 8 1/2 on the scale of 1-10 and If you are not opposed to extreme violence I highly recommend this series and think you will enjoy it.

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