Kaldath’s Caption Contest #4: Winner

Last week I asked you to come up with the best, funniest, and or wittiest replacement dialog for this comic panel:



We had a lot of great entries and these are my top five:

William A. Peterson
“You wouldn’t happen to have Oliver Queen’s phone number, would you? I hear you two were pretty, uhm, close…”

And you wonder why Carol left you for the Star Sapphires.

Hey, aren’t you Guy Gardner? You’re much better than Hal Jordan.

“Your movie was awesome Hal! I cant get enou…… I’m sorry I cant say that without laughing… Your movie sucked!”

“Oppa gangnum style”


Those are all excellent and deserve the win in my book but since I can only select one over all winner, and because of personally detest the song this weeks caption contest winner is djuby.


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