Anime Talk: Ranma 1/2


This weeks "Anime Talk" will be a short review of the of 1989 anime series "Ranma 1/2".  An adaption of the of 1987 manga series of the same name and is what is considered to be a harem anime.  What is harem anime you might be asking ? In short a harem anime is basically an series with one main character, typically male that finds himself surrounded by at least three often more beautiful female characters that have romantic interests in him.

Ranma 1/2 follows the adventure of a 16 year old boy named Ranma Saotome who has been studying martial arts under the tutelage of his father from. Ranma is a highly skilled martial artist but he does have one major problem, during a training session in China Ranma and his father each accidentally fell into a magically cursed pool of water.  The result of the accidentally immersion  is the cursed waters  is that whenever Ranma comes in contact with cold water he is transformed into a girl, and needs hot water to transform back into his natural form. Ranma's father Genma Saotome is similarly cursed in such that when he comes in contact with cold water he is  transformed into a giant panda.

The series begins with the Saotome's in their alternate forms fighting each other in the streets arguing about an arranged marriage Genma made with his friend Soun Tendo to one of Soun's three daughters Akane Tendo who as fate would have it hates "boys" meaning males her age, Ranma being no exception. The entire series revolves around Ranma's desire to break the curse, while attending high school with his fiance. During the course of the series Ranma and Akane become closer while at the same time maintaining the that the both still do not care about each other. The relationship of our two love birds are further complicated by the need to keep Ranma's secret and by the fact the Ranma is pursed both in him male and female forms by many other suitors which makes Akane jealous even though she denies feelings for him.

All in all I have to say Ranma 1/2 is a fun action filled  series that keeps things light and humorous. In my opinion it is a must see Anime that is one of my personal favorites.

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