Poll Position: DC vs Marvel

DC vs Marvel


This weeks poll position is a simple one, though one that is likely to be heated. I want to know which of the big two is your favorite, DC or Marvel Comics!

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Personally I will have to go with Marvel, though out of my top five superheroes the top three are from DC. All in all I feel that Marvel is the more believable universe so that is why I have to say "Make Mine Marvel!"

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11 Responses to Poll Position: DC vs Marvel

  1. JR19759 says:

    Marvel, because when you get used to what is happening in their universe, they don’t immediately reboot it. Even though really DC has the better characters.

  2. Myro says:

    Overall, across the duration of my life, Marvel. But in the past couple years, I have bought far more Image, Red 5, IDW, and Dark Horse comics combined, than I have from both of the Big 2. So, lately, I’m just more of an indy comic reader, with no true loyalty to anyone.

  3. I always liked Marvel’s villains but think that DC has the cooler superheroes. I agree with JR that DC is too quick to supernova the universe. This coming from a guy who wrote a movie script titled “$h!t Blows Up!” However, Marvel gets way too involved with the characters’ psyche. Too much melodrama.

    I’d call it 51% DC – 49% Marvel with Wonder Woman tipping my vote.

  4. barbario says:

    im a marvel guy all the way. i really like superman. other than that dc characters and their universe just dont grab me like marvel. the go to real places. real cities. the characters have real problems like money problems or bigotry. that said, the animated dcu is the best animated universe ever. the quality of those cartoons is unparalleled.

  5. Bluemetrox says:

    It’s a tough one. The only DC character I enjoy is Batman, but I REALLY love Batman, whereas I enjoy many of Marvel’s works but not nearly as much as I do Batman. I can’t say.

  6. headlessgeneral says:

    Make mine Marvel. While Batman is my favorite character, I’ve always favored groups over solo books. And I like Marvels groups better than DCs. And especially lately DC has really turned me off. I hate most everything to do with the new 52.

  7. Max Grant says:

    Teen Titans was my favorite show so i have to say DC

  8. WillyPete says:

    DC, as Atomic Punk put it, has the best Heroes, so I’ll go with them, despite the fact that “The New 52” is a complete disaster… Another 2 years, and that one will be replaced by the next reboot, anyways…
    Marvel has a few good comics, but what they’ve done to their characters, lately, is pretty much unforgivable

  9. Admittedly, animated series…. DC… Batman: TAS…. Young Justice… Green Lantern… “Superbestfriendsforever” (Supergirl, Batgirl, Wondergirl), Teen Titans, GO!… Contrast to titles like Rom: The Space Knight… Micronauts: Universe… Alien Legion… The “alt-titles” of Marvel were sweet…

    I complained before about the over-analysis of Marvel characters. But remembering back those off-shoots, and of Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man, Johnny Depp as Captain Sparrow, that blonde guy as Thor, Brandon Lee as The Crow, and Hope Solo as the Goalie… ummm something something….Mila Kunis… Katy Segal…

  10. Calvary_Red says:

    i’m a DC guy. i’ve always been more into animation than comics, because: 1) it’s easier to access and 2) tighter continuity. Marvel’s had some solid cartoons, but the DCAU is hard to beat.

    Lately Marvel has blown DC away as far as major movies go, but i find it just makes me want a similar DC movie-verse. For now though, DC’s animated movies never fail to satisfy.

  11. NateThePrate says:

    Crap, I can’t believed I missed voting for this.

    Now look, don’t get me wrong, I like Marvel fine, but only in small doses. I adore Deadpool and I also enjoy Spidey from time to time and sometimes FF. Civil War was a pretty decent read, even if it did feel a bit Kingdom Come.

    DC, however, is my staple. I don’t read comics for characters I can relate to. If I can, sweet, but I like my comics to be big, bold and with plenty of action- at least one KRAKOOM!

    People rag on DC saying how they are Two Dimensional Paragons of Morality and Unstoppable Power, which is just not true (whining doesn’t equal character development you know) and it’s how I LIKE my heroes.

    Look, if I wanted “real” (and I use that term broadly) I could just switch on the evening news and get myself all depressed about the crappy state our world is in. I read comics to get away from all that. Superheroes are so popular because they instil hope. Admittedly, they’re a lot darker now, but I still think those core values are still there with DC.

    I will admit, I’m not entirely thrilled with New 52, but I’ll take it in my stride.

    Plus, Marvel’s got a lot of confusing titles too.

    Spidey fer instance: Amazing, Astonishing, Sensational, Spectacular, Noir, Ultimate, etc, etc.

    And don’t even get me STARTED on X-men…