The Big Question♯2

I know this is old news but, considering that the new series of Doctor Who has just finished, I still want to moan about it. A couple of months ago Steven Moffat (head writer on Doctor Who) went on record as saying he didn't like using the Daleks because it's so obvious that they'll lose. Now please forgive me this rant for a minute, but who goes and watches a dramatical tv series, reads a comic or watches a film and thinks 'oh, I wonder if the good guy will win?'??????? For gods sake, by that logic he should just get rid of all villains and cancel the show and in fact every show, film, comic, novel etc, because its obvious that the hero does't lose!!!!!! The only time the bad guy wins is when you see Simon Cowell laughing his way to the bank.

However, this bring me to an interesting point and this weeks big question: Are arch-nemeses (Daleks, Magneto, The Joker, the aforementioned high trousered one) overused?

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