Poll Position: SuperHero Archetypes


This weeks poll position asks you which of the following SuperHero Archetype is your favorite?


The Brick: Characters whose primary power set is based on strength and endurance. Examples of a Brick character would be; The Hulk, Superman, and The Thing.

The Blaster: Characters whose primary power set is based on some form of long ranged energy blasts. Examples of a Blaster character would be; Cyclops, Havoc, and Wildfire.

The Gymnast: Characters whose primary power set is based on Agility and flexibility. Examples of The Gymnast character would be; Spiderman, Dare Devil, and Nightcrawler.

The Speedster: Characters whose primary power set is based on superhuman speed. Examples of The Speedster character would be; The Flash, Quicksilver and Max Mercury.

The Psionicist: Heroes whose primary power set is based on Psychic powers. Examples of the Psionicist character would be; Jean Grey, Professor X, and Emma Frost.

The Andriod/Robot: Characters who are in reality A Robot or Android. Examples of the Android/Robot characters would be; Vision, Red Tornado, The Original Human Torch.

The Gadgeteer: Characters who rely primarily on Machines, Weapons, and or Gadgets. Examples of the Gadgeteer character would be; Batman, Ironman, and Green Arrow.

The Transformative: Characters whose primary power set is based on changing his or her physical form in some manner. Examples of the Transformative character would be; The Wasp, Mystique, and Sandman

The Mystical: Characters whose primary power set are Magical in nature. Examples of The Mystical character would be; Doctor Fate, Raven, and Dr Strange.

Other: I am leaving the poll open for you to add your own Archetype to include any I may not have thought of .

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I would have to say that my favorite would have to be the Mystical character, I am a Huge fan of Doctor Fate and also as a fan of Fantasy novels have always had an attraction to Magic. So what is your favorite ? Take a moment to vote and leave a message in the comments below to let us know!

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