Anime Talk: #1 Fan Service

This is the first post in my new weekly blog post where I will discuss all things Anime. Sometime it will be a review of a particular anime movie or series old or new, and sometime it will be discussions of Anime related topics. This week I start things of with a discussion on "Fan Service".

To start this discussion of let me first provide a definition of what fan service is: Fan Service - The inclusion in a work of fiction of any material, especially racy or sexual material, which has no relevance to the storyline, but is designed merely to excite the viewer.

Now I would be a liar if I said I did not enjoy a little fan service when watching anime, however I have had a number of anime I enjoyed almost ruined by extreme amounts of fan service an example would be Rosario + Vampire.  Now Rosario + Vampire is a Harem/Romantic Comedy Anime series so Fan service to to be expected in such an Anime, however there is a good show in there which you are distracted from by all the pantie shots and bouncing boobs featured in the show. So in the end what I am saying is I believe Fan service can be enjoyable and enhance an Anime IF used in moderation and not shoved down your throat.

There is a line of thought that goes in a Good Anime Fan service is Gravy, and in a Bad Anime it is the Main feature. I say that in a Fan service can turn a Good Anime into a Bad one if over used! So this is my view on the topic let me hear what you think!

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