Open Thread: Anything Is Possible!



HammerKnight was unable to do his usually Open Critique post today and since I am not very good at doing so myself I have decided to post an open thread instead. Leave an image for others in the community to critique if you wish, or discuss anything of interest to you in this thread. The possibilities are endless so long as you adhere to the rules of the site. Happy Posting!!!

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7 Responses to Open Thread: Anything Is Possible!

  1. TOOL says:

    Here’s the only newer thing I have really been working on lately. I have a cool version of Captain Ahab but I wasn’t sure if that fell into the catagory of “premade” characters since he is from a book? So I just put him in my file marked My Versions of Other Characters.

  2. Lots to blog about…

    1. Here is a read on what constitutes Public Domain in the United States. General guideline, if something was published or produced in the US prior to 1923, it is public domain. Easier still, when in doubt, don’t post.

    2. Photobucket seems to jump to the web page not the direct image. I believe that this is intentional by Photobucket. The idea is to boost the site’s ad traffic and sponsors.

    Some users might consider using a different host. The HeroMachine forums are good. I use WordPress for temporary hosting. My “permanent” archive is in the HM Art Gallery.

    3. This morning, HeroMachine is really slow. It takes awhile to load “”

    4. I am still taking creations for Creator’s Club Poster until the end of March!

  3. Nick Hentschel says:

    Here’s a goofy one, that I’ve been wanting to share for a while. And it has a story behind it . . .

    Months ago, some FB friends and I had an informal contest to submit works of art based on a piece of music, and since the person in charge has seen my Heromachine drawings, she invited me to submit one. The piece chosen was, “Take Five,” the classic jazz tune by the Dave Brubeck quartet.

    What I created was the portrait of a WW2 fighter pilot, stationed in Britain,posing with his plane by the White Cliffs of Dover. He was a musician, you see, before the war, and since you had to shoot down FIVE enemy planes to become an ace, he gave his plane a punnish new name:

  4. Jadebrain says:

    Here’s the almost-finished picture of the second outline of Sharal. You’ll notice from the eraser marks that I’m having trouble deciding what to put on her arms for clothing. Also, I’m not quite satisfied with the leggings. Any suggestions are welcome. I’ll draw in her tail on this outline after I get those two things figured out.

    In case you’re wondering, her skimpy clothing is a racial-cultural thing; the Poruqe (the race she belongs to) are often highly interested in majesty and beauty, and tend to wear either less clothing to emphasize their natural beauty or more extravagant clothing adorned with lots of accessories. Sharal is of the former type, of course. As a battlemage, she also makes up for the lack of protectiveness of her clothing with magic.

  5. Jadebrain: Sharal

    Can’t help but wonder whether that is a horn or her hair splitting to her right. I like her outfit. The feet are stiff. Some wrinkles are creases should give them a more natural, flexible look.

  6. Jadebrain says:

    The Atomic Punk: Can’t help but wonder whether that is a horn or her hair splitting to her right.I like her outfit.The feet are stiff.Some wrinkles are creases should give them a more natural, flexible look.

    It’s her hair. Also, given that this is sort of a “rough draft,” the wrinkles and creases will be done in a later rendition. When I said the leggings weren’t satisfying, I was referring to the design itself.