Poll Position: Spider-Family Fashion

Spider-Man Family


This weeks "Poll Position" will expand on last weeks as I ask you which of the following 10 Spider-Themed Marvel characters has in your opinion the best costume.

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01 Scarlet Spider Ben

Scarlet Spider ( Ben Reilly ) - One of Spider-Man's clones.





02 Scarlet Spider Kaine

Scarlet Spider ( Kaine ) - Another of Spider-Man's clones





03 VenomVenom - Spider-Man's Symbiotic Suit that turned on Spidey and bonded with Eddie Brock after Spider-Man rejected it




04 Carnage

Carnage - The Symbiotic offspring of Venom that bonded with the criminally insane Cletus Kasady en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carnage_(comics)



05 Spider-Woman Jessica Drew

Spider-Woman ( Jessica Drew ) - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spider-Woman_(Jessica_Drew)




06 Spider-Woman Julia Carpenter

Spider-Woman ( Julia Carpenter) en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Julia_Carpenter



08 Ultimate Spider-WomanUltimate Spider-Woman ( Peter Parker/Jessica Drew ) - A Clone of Peter Parker from the Marvels Ultimate Universe.




07 Spider-Woman Mattie Franklin


Spider-Woman ( Mattie Franklin ) - Gained her powers at a gathering intended to give Norman Osborn Powers like Spider-Mans and later gain both Jessica Drew's & Julia Carpenters blessing to take on the mantle of Spider-Woman




09 Spider-Girl May (Mayday) Parker

Spider-Girl ( May "Mayday" Parker) - The future daughter of Peter Parker wearing her "Uncles" Ben Reilly's Spider-Man costume.




10 Spider-Girl Anya Corazon

Spider-Girl ( Anya Corazon ) - Gained her powers as a result of a mystic ceremony when joining the The Spider Society.




I really like Anya Corazon's costume because it is the most original of the lot, but in the end I think I am going to select as the best costume of this lot, Ultimate Spider-Woman. My reason for this selection is the same as last weeks  choice. I like the simplicity of the design coupled with the sense of intimidation it invokes.


That's my choice, what's yours ? Let us know in the comments.


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