Sharing Day: You Did It!

I'd like you to take a moment to post a comment telling us something you're proud of, an achievement or project you've accomplished that you think is cool. Maybe it's your blog, or a book you've written, or a particularly great illustration, or that you lost fifty pounds, or a volunteer organization you help out with, or the deck you built, or a photo of an awesome cap you knitted. Just anything that shows off your interests in a great way and that you want to share with the community.

Imagine it's like we're going around the room and you're asked to introduce yourself by saying "Hi, I'm Jeff, and I _______." So I'd probably say "Hi, I'm Jeff, and I built a web site that lets people make their own super hero drawings at". I want to give you a chance to brag on yourself a little and to point the rest of us at something you've done or been involved with that you think is great. Or even pretty good. Or even just mildly interesting.

Lay it on us, String Bean!