Scary Character Challenge Results

Many thanks to everyone who took on the "Scary" character challenge last week. We had some great entries and I encourage you to check out the comments of the original post to see them all.

I went through and picked out some of my favorites to share with you here:

I was pretty selective this time, so all of these are really great in my opinion. Picking just one is particularly difficult, which surprises me because, frankly, horror stuff isn't really my thing. But especially among djuby, Marquis Samedi, dblade, Thundersong, nha247 & jr19759 (both of which I think might have been entered before?) and Iscarioto, I had a tough time picking just one overall favorite to highlight.

It might be because my first few "30 Character" submissions have leaned towards the Steampunk end of things, but I find myself ultimately selecting djuby's way cool "Steam Ripper". Both in concept and execution I think it's stellar:

Sincere thanks again to everyone who entered for sharing your creativity and time with us!