Using Windows 7's Snipping Tool to get a Character Image

(Many thanks to Forum Moderator and all-around great guy Hammerknight for the following tip! -- Jeff)

Hi all,

I'm not the best with the computer, so when I find something that makes things easier on me I like to share. The other day I was looking for a cropping tool to use on my lap top, so I went to Yahoo search and entered "cropping tool". What I found was great. There was a how-to article about the free Windows 7 Snipping Tool. I don't care much for Windows 7 but the Snipping Tool is great. I didn't even know that it was already on my computer. I went to search for it in the program search bar and it came right up. I hit the button and cropped my picture and saved it in less time then it takes me to use print screen. I tried it out with HM3 and it worked. It is one of the easiest things to use on the computer. You have a few choices to save in. No more, print screen, paste in Paint, crop it, copy it, paste again, and then save it.