Character Design Challenge 101 Results

First off, let me acknowledge that "Character Challenge 101: Gamma Madness!" was much harder than I anticipated. So congratulations to everyone who powered through and produced an illustration, you should pat yourself on the back. I do think that sometimes it's a good thing to stretch your creative muscles and try something that's not necessarily in your comfort zone. And, we got some really nice work out of it! Bonus!

Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, here are the entries for this week:

I'd love to hear which are your personal favorites, but for what it's worth, here are mine:

I should note that while awesome, "Wanda" by Krivalis was, like his or her great Pop Quiz entry, not eligible for an overall favorite nod as the file wasn't named correctly. It's still a really great design, though.

Anyway, all of those embodied the weirdness of the "Gamma World" setting very well, and were good illustrations to boot. My overall favorite this time out, though, was clearly dblade's "Chruse the Hawk". It looks like it could be in a new edition of the RPG as a bit of featured interior art, plus it's an intriguing looking dude:

Congratulations to dblade, and thanks again to all who embraced this tough challenge!