Pop Quiz Results

Our tribute to the leaves of autumn in the last Pop Quiz went really well! Here are all of the entries we received:

So many great illustrations! I'm going to call out a few of my personal favorites, but they're all exceptional. Great job, everyone!

First is a truly exceptional example of shading by krivalis. Unfortunately this isn't eligible for an overal top nod as the file isn't named properly, but it's truly outstanding. I can't even imagine the time it took to get this kind of hyper realistic shading in the figure.

I also loved Vampyrist's "Leaf Golumn". It's so subtle and deep and intriguing, just a wonderful illustration in every way.

Trekkie's "Autumn's Here" evokes a great sense of the season, with an appealing character in a perfect pose.

Harlequin got some well-deserved praise in comments for his "Autumn Fall" figure, a really nice study.

djuby's "Cerelia" evokes the season in every way, from the age of the figure to the wonderful coloration. Another masterpiece.

Those are all wonderful, so picking just one as my overall favorite has been really tough. But the challenge was to use the circular leaf item, and I think the illustration that features it as the "hero" of the piece, for me at least, is Vampyrist's.

Many thanks to everyone, and congratulations to everyone who entered for taking on the challenge and creating some beautiful art. Because that's really the point of all this -- to create something wonderful.