"Cyborg DJ" by Zyp

11 Responses to "Cyborg DJ" by Zyp

  1. Avatar The Atomic Punk says:

    Absolutely one of my favorites! Flashy yet serene. I can actually hear music when I see this design.

  2. Avatar Kaylin88100 says:

    Oh yeah…THAT’s why we called it “Zypping”… πŸ™‚

  3. Avatar barbario says:


  4. Avatar Lime says:

    I’m a fan.

    My husband saw this over my shoulder and suggested this was the newest member of Daft Punk. πŸ˜€

  5. Avatar Herr D says:

    Does it play . . . techno?

  6. Avatar headlessgeneral says:

    My very favorite.

  7. Avatar punkjay says:

    It was so well done I didn’t even realize it was Heromachine.

  8. Avatar Trekkie says:

    This is definitely one my favourite pieces of HeroMachine art! Everything’s brilliant- the colouring, the lighting, the items, the idea… I wish we saw more of Zyp these days, ’cause I can’t get enough of his creations- they’re so good!

  9. Avatar Blazing Tornado says:

    I can practically hear the Daft Punk music.

  10. Avatar spidercow2012 says:

    This is amazing.