META: Remember to save your characters as text and images!

Folks, just a friendly reminder to always make text-file and image backups of your characters in HeroMachine. The latest Adobe update has in several cases erased all existing Flash cookies (where your saved characters live) after the automatic download, erasing the user's hard work and save files. See this old post for details. Save early, save often!

8 Responses to META: Remember to save your characters as text and images!

  1. webpulp says:

    I was lucky that I’d recently backed-up. The only thing I lost were my files for my BigBad entries. (But I still have the pictures.)

  2. Arioch says:

    Yup. I had some loss and feared I would never get it back, yet, luckily, I had a backup that worked on firefox (not on chrome, mind you…) so I didn’t lose much.

    Not very happy nonetheless…

  3. Mark Cothern says:

    Yup…i lost about 60 files….

  4. Awsomeray says:

    I have that problem with google chrome.what do I do?

  5. Trekkie says:

    To stop this happening to me with Chrome, I just changed the ‘clear browsing data’ settings to not clear my cookies. But just in case other stuff goes wrong I do still back up my files with text, just to be on the safe side.

  6. Trekkie says:

    Now everything’s gone wrong! Chrome was telling me it needed an update, so I got it to relaunch just now. When I went to check if my HeroMachine creations were there they were all gone! I’ve got most of them saved as text and I’d been meaning to do that with some newer ones, but I stupidly decided to do it AFTER updating Chrome. I don’t know how this happened, because I’m sure Chrome’s still not set to clear my cookies. Could this be something to do with the latest version of Chrome? Because this has NEVER happened before to me when I get Chrome to do the update relaunch.

    Most of the saved stuff on there that I hadn’t yet saved as text was half-finished stuff that I was probably never going to finish anyway, but there were a few good things that I have downloaded as images (and a couple I’m not sure if I did), that I may have to try and recreate. It’s such a shame and I should’ve saved as text more often. Well, learn from your mistakes and maybe now I should just commit myself to one creation at a time and save as text as soon as it’s finished, and download the image, too.

    So yeah. I guess that serves as a warning that you never know what’s going to go wrong- so save your creations as text! And don’t keep putting it off and saying ‘I’ll get round to it later’ like I did.

  7. Trekkie says:

    Good news! I did a quick Google search and it turns out that the latest version of Chrome has a bug where you end up with two versions of Flash running at the same time (because Chrome ‘forgot’ to delete the old version) which makes your creations disappear because they’re conflicting with each other. I found a tutorial for disabling the outdated version (i.e. the version that isn’t 11,3,300,268) here (it relates to online games but it also applies here):
    I followed that and all my creations are back! Take note of this Chrome users, because this might happen to you when you next update it.