The not-so-hip hypnotist

(From "Target Comics" volume 2, number 4, 1941.)

6 Responses to The not-so-hip hypnotist

  1. Trekkie says:

    Anyone else notice that he’s got Pacmans (Pacmen?) in his eyes?

  2. Gabe Puratekuta says:

    Yes, master! I will stab you in the face!

  3. Myro says:

    Take him to Gregory, so Gregory can molest him?

  4. Frankie says:

    @Myro: That’s what I was thinking. Is Gregory’s last name Noble?

  5. TOOL says:

    These are not the droids your looking for, move along…

  6. spidercow2012 says:

    All will tremble before the mesmeric power of he who is known as …Barnes.