Blade vs. Buffy

A classic comic book gambit is to pit two heroes against each other for a short, introductory fight. Imagine that's happened here, that these two vampire hunters happen to meet and go at it in an all-out battle. Who do you think would win, and why?

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  1. dblade says:

    I had to go with Buffy for this one, mainly to wash off the shame of voting for Twilight Edward on the previous poll. 🙂

  2. Gero says:

    I’ve never read the Blade comics (closest I came was a few times he showed up in cross-overs with Spiderman and Dr. Strange) so I’m basing my opinion on the three movies: Blade wins.

    Reasoning: This one is a lot closer than the Buffy/Twilight one, since neither side this time features stupidly powerful “normal” vampires. Both universes feature “classic” vampires with all the normal weaknesses. Both have a few stronger enemies (the Master, Angelus, Glory, various demon gods, etc. for Buffy; Dracula, the Blood God, reapers, etc. for Blade), and both have teams to help them out (the Scoobies for Buffy; Whistler, Whistler and Scud, and the Nightstalkers for Blade, Blade 2, and Blade 3 respectively). The main differences I think exist are skills, natural abilities, and character.

    Skills: They don’t say how old Blade is in the films, but looking up Wesley Snipes age shows that he was 36 when he made the first movie, so we can guess Blade is about twice Buffy’s age. He’s been fighting vampires literally his entire life (he was raised by Whistler, who was himself a vampire hunting veteran), whereas Buffy only found out she was a Slayer in her mid-teens, and has only a few years of practical experiance under her belt. Blade is also versed in more forms of combat(his fighting style is a lot more advanced and varied than Buffy’s) and weaponry (we see him proficiently using several types of fire-arms, various bladed weapons, biological agents, and his trade-mark sword; Buffy sticks to wooden stakes/broken pieces of wood and the occasional crossbow). Because of his years of fighting against a much larger and more organized vampire threat (his vampires control large corporations and can even easily influence police forces and governments, and have global covens overseen by councils of elders; Buffy’s vampires tend to lack larger unification, even those trying to free the Master were a relatively small group by Blade’s standards) over a much larger area (most of Buffy’s battles take place in and around Sunnydale, while Blade travels all over the world for his fights), Blade is most likely a far better planner and strategist, and better able to think on his feet in battle and adapt to new surroundings and events.

    Abilities: Buffy and Blade are probably pretty evenly matched here; both have strengh enough to take on a vampire one-on-one, but not enough to defeat too large of a group on their own. Blade might edge Buffy out since he’s male (usually physically stronger) and half-vampire (he has a minor healing factor, and his strength, agility, and speed are stated to be the same as a vampire’s, while Buffy can only really match them in strengh and maybe agility). Buffy might also have the upper hand in that Blade would be caught off guard by an obviously human opponent (and a teenage girl at that) who can give and take hits with the power of a vampire.

    Character: By this I mean moral character, reasoning, etc. In Blade’s universe vampires have human familiars who basically act as their servants. Blade kills them just as easily as he kills vampires (in the second film he kills one of his partners/gageteers without a second thought when he finds out he’s a familiar, despite working with him for most of the movie and a long bit of the time between the first and second films, and in the third a major early plot point is that the vampires are able to frame him for murder from all the familiars he’s killed), and would have no qualms about killing the human Buffy (especially if the fight happens because of the classic “saw you with enemies and thought you were one” trope, i.e. he sees her kissing Angel or something and assumes she’s a familiar). Buffy, on the other hand, would probably try to incapacitate Blade rather than kill him, since he doesn’t look like a “normal” vampire and killing regular humans isn’t second nature to her. That would give Blade the advantage in that he wouldn’t be holding back while Buffy would be.

    Quick version for people who don’t like walls of text: Blade wins because he’s a better combatant, has better powers, and is a more amoral fighter…

  3. barbario says:

    if we are going by movie blade, i’d have to give it to blade. he’s ridiculously strong and fast in those films. comics blade goes down fairly easy i think. movie blade is really brutal and no nonsense so i think buffy might be unprepared for his ferocity. but that being said he still has a soft spot for the ladies. i dont seem him going ape-shit on her. she on the other hand would just think he was a vamp so wouldnt hold back. plus buffy has the whole “hero always finds a way” kind of thing. ala spider-man. id love to read this crossover as a comic. although i think angel/blade makes more sense (long flowing coats, bloodlust). id like to see high school era buffy meet teen spider-man .

  4. Kountkill says:

    I have to give it to Buffy. Both of them have supernatural strength and lots of weapon training, so that’s kind of a wash. But, Buffy has the Scooby squad on her side, and they’ve helped turn the tide of many a battle.

  5. Kelex says:

    I’m going with Blade on this one even though I prefer Buffy. They might be evenly matched for strength, stamina, natural skill, etc. But as Gero pointed out, Blade trained his entire life to perfect that skill. Buffy missed out on her early training, and then never really put any effort into it once she found out who/what she was. Blade LIVES for the battle, Buffy treats it more like an after school, part time job.

  6. Corran Horn says:

    I’m going to go with Blade, based off of Gero’s reasoning. I haven’t really seen all that much of Buffy, while I’ve only seen the second Blade movie, but from what I know, Gero is right with his analysis.

    EDIT: I just saw the poll when I went back to the previous screen. For some reason it didn’t load when I first came to the site.

  7. Jeff Hebert says:

    Corran Horn: 1) Hey Jeff, the poll isn’t up (at least I can’t see it).

    That’s weird, it’s showing for me and there have been more than 100 votes so far …

  8. Deadeas says:


  9. Corran Horn says:

    Yeah Jeff, like i said in my edit (nice response time, btw), I can see it now. All I did was refresh the main page and there it was. My guess it was something on my end, since my computer has had trouble showing things that aren’t text today. I’ll update Flash (haven’t updated in a very long time), and that ought to fix any more problems. Sorry for bringing up a non-existing problem.

  10. The Atomic Punk says:

    As much as I loathe Wesley Snipes, Blade would win. I can’t vote against Blade knowing that Buffy would lose. So no vote from me.

  11. Myro says:

    I’m going with Blade as well, based on a lot of the same reasons given by Gero, particularly Blade’s advantages in superior equipment and training (by-the-by, if I remember correctly, in the first movie, it looks like he was born in the early to mid-60s). The only minor quibble I have is regarding character. Not to say Gero’s analysis isn’t correct, but the conclusion that it would have a significant impact is questionable. If, theoretically Buffy could beat Blade with non-lethal combat tactics, the end result is still that Blade loses. To say otherwise would be like saying because Joker or Bane have shown a willingness, even zeal, to commit murder, they hold a significant advantage over Batman, who tries with 100% effort to stop short of killing his opponent. And that has never seemed to be the case.
    Still, Blade it is.

  12. Abraxas says:

    I would say they do hold a significant advantage over Batman in that regard (depending on whether that iteration of the Joker is willing to kill or not), that has always been one of the things that makes Batman an the hero he is is he is fighting with one hand tied behind his back. If he didn’t insist on keeping them alive a lot of Batman villains wouldn’t be a threat because he would just make them dead. Consciously pulling you punches to avoid accidentally killing your adversary, passing up openings to attack vital organs, prolonging the fight until your opponent can be brought down alive instead of ending it then and there when your opponent can and will kill you just to win as soon as they possibly can puts you in an uphill battle because they inherently have more options open to them.

    That doesn’t mean it is impossible to win with nonlethal tactics, it just means that restricting yourself to them is a self imposed handicap.

    Also, I’m going with Blade.

  13. X-stacy says:

    The picture of Buffy is from Season 8 comics. And in Season 8 comics, Buffy developed superpowers. Not, like, her regular better-than-human stuff, but actual flight and things you’d expect of somebody wearing a cape. So…Buffy. 😉

  14. Herr D says:

    um? I’m not fully qualified, not having seen enough of either comic and only 2 of the Blade movies–so if I made a decision, it would have to be on whether Buffy has ever successfully dealt with explosives, chemical weapons–and I can’t remember. Guys?

  15. Patriot_Missile says:

    Judging by the films, the comics, and the tv series they both have… I vote Buffy. See, they’re both heroes so they’d team up, get the Devil beat up, eventually hook up but somehow break up… Yet Buffy can move on with her friends and army of Slayers, and Blade will still be muy macho and otherwise miserable. Yep. I went there. It’s the only way Blade can lose.

  16. Gene says:

    After much thought and deliberation, I’d have to give it to Buffy.

    I’d consider their physical attributes to be so close ,that it’d be a draw.

    Yeah, Blade potentially has more experience and training than Buffy, but Buffy has always seemed to have an uncanny ability to fight, and fight well, with any weapon you put in her hands. Wether it’s an innate ability of the slayer, or some connection with past slayers that gives them access to skills and abilities from the past it’s hard to say, but it is there. Sword, staff, crossbow, scythe, she just picks it up and uses it.

    Give her the scythe, and blade would be a pile of smoking ash. It wouldn’t be quick, it’d be quite the fight, but Blade would loose.

  17. rex says:

    I have to give it to Buffy. Both of them have supernatural strength and lots of weapon training, so that’s kind of a wash. But, Buffy has the Scooby squad on her side, and they’ve helped turn the tide of many a battle.

    you make a good point but this is a one on one battle not a group on one battle

  18. barbario says:

    i must say buffy is the best show of all time ever. i know some people dont like it but i dont really like ANY people so…

  19. Bael says:

    Herr D:
    …on whether Buffy has ever successfully dealt with explosives, chemical weapons–and I can’t remember. Guys?

    Angel, no
    Riley, no.
    Spike, no.
    I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that Buffy has not, in fact, ever successfully dealt with guys. 😉

  20. barbario says:

    Bael: Angel, no
    Riley, no.
    Spike, no.
    I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that Buffy has not, in fact, ever successfully dealt with guys.


  21. TOOL says:

    How come Batman has to rear his pointy ears in every Vs even if he’s not in it LOL, I say Blade!

  22. Myro says:

    How come Batman has to rear his pointy ears in every Vs even if he’s not in it LOL, I say Blade!

    Sorry, my fault.

  23. Sean Murphy says:

    I want to say Buffy, but being familiar with both this time, I have to reluctantly go with Blade. Blade is depicted as being slightly stronger and faster than Buffy is, and somewhat more ruthless. On the other hand, it depends on when in Buffy’s career – at the end of the seventh season, she had become more powerful, and with the Axe, she was nearly unstoppable. She fought foes more powerful than the ones Blade faced, and defeated them. That version could take Blade. But at any earlier point, Blade would have the advantage.