There are FANCY beards?

(From "Target Comics" number 11, 1940.)

6 Responses to There are FANCY beards?

  1. Avatar Frevoli says:

    I think mine’s rather dashing

  2. Avatar Trekkie says:

    Yes there are. You can tell by the fact that it’s got two points.

  3. Avatar Gabe Puratekuta says:

    Well, I know there are fancy bastards

  4. Avatar Nick Hentschel says:

    Damn right! We have CONTESTS for our beards!

  5. Avatar Myro says:

    World Beard and Mustache Championship, category: Full Beard, Freestyle: My answer is a resounding yes.

  6. Avatar The Eric says:

    Ooh, the “Chameleon”. I guess only a fancy beard would suit him.