In space, no one can hear you love

(From "Target Comics" number 11, 1940.)

8 Responses to In space, no one can hear you love

  1. Sutter_Kaine says:

    It can get lonely out there in the void.

  2. ams says:

    Good thing they are wearing protection!

  3. thejay says:

    I’m looking for the “like” button on ams’ comment.

  4. Dionne Jinn says:

    OMG! ’nuff said…

  5. Lime says:

    In the words of George Takei, OHHH MYYY!

    Also want a “like” button for ams’ comment.

  6. Gero says:

    Anyone else think Galar looks like Hitler?

  7. TOOL says:

    I just can’t quit you man!

  8. Dan Gonzalez says:

    “Well Galar, let me help you get back UP.”