Wookiees versus Na'Vi

Our "Versus" question today comes to us from the nice folks at FactPile, but it was so juicy I couldn't pass it up:

In their framing, you have 10,000 Wookiees and 10,000 Na'vi going into battle on a neutral jungle planet. But let's be honest, the Wookiees would crush them if the Na'vi didn't have their magic internet trees or whatever the hell that living planet concept was.

So let's switch it around and posit an invasion of the Na'vi home world by Wookiees, mostly because the idea of parachuting Wookiees makes me laugh like a hyena. Let's say they want some Unobtanium for the rebellion, and they fly there in their ships powered by Doesnotexisteum with their Fansofmyshowareidiotsandihatethem model blasters.

In this scenario, basically you've got a somewhat higher tech level than the humans displayed in "Avatar". But, that same tech level couldn't beat a planet full of the dwarven Wookiee cousins, the Ewoks. So take that for what it's worth. Granted, on Endor the Angry Teddy Bears were up against Storm Troopers, who we all know now were clones of what is apparently the Worst Soldier In the World, judging by their poor aim and general lack of combat effectiveness. I mean, you've got an entire galaxy (granted, it's far far away, but still) from which to choose your warrior template, and the result was the storm troopers.

Apparently good cloning can't compensate for bad judgement.

But I digress. So you've got super tall howling dog-men up against super tall howling blue cat people. Who wins, and why? Lay it on us, Slicks!

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