Question mark indeed

(From "Target Comics" number 5, 1940.)

11 Responses to Question mark indeed

  1. ams says:


  2. Dan says:

    Wait, WHAT?

  3. Jeff Hebert says:

    I know, right?! Just when I think Golden Age Superman was the height of the “Let’s twist his powers to do ANYTHING!” trend, I see that it was a well supported practice at the time. Earlier in this episode “The White Streak” (seriously, that’s his name, though he also goes by “Manowar”, which is what I would advise him to stick with) creates a ladder of electricity with his eyes upon which he runs into the Defense Department after it smashes out a window.

    In this panel, though, it’s the single question mark in the observer’s speech bubble that gets me. It’s like, even HE can’t believe the random BS he’s watching, becoming so befuddled that he can’t even articulate any words. Classic.

  4. Joe says:

    Wait, you mean that’s not the way you guys travel? Out windows? On bolts of electrons? You know, the kind you spark from your eyes? How the heck to yall get around?

  5. Patriot_Missile says:

    He couldn’t just have farted out a lightning bolt and rode the thunder out the window..? No, he’s actually climbing down an electric arc only one story high. Yeah, I don’t think I’d bother to go after him either. Yo, Vinnie, chuck a bucket of water at this chump! Where’s Snarky Sniper Action Batman when ya need him?

  6. RobM says:

    Jeff Hebert: “The White Streak” (seriously, that’s his name, though he also goes by “Manowar”, which is what I would advise him to stick with)…

    I suppose “Brown Streak” would be worse.

  7. TOOL says:

    Hey dont try and judge someone about the spark in their eye before you get the bolt out of yours LOL. These guys need to lay off the special brownies if their seeing stuff like that.

  8. William Peterson says:

    Jeff, if you think this guy is bad (and, he IS), check out the very early Martian Manhunter stuff, sometime! Martian “Seeing around corners” vision, anyone? 😀

  9. Herr D says:

    I can’t help but wonder whether question-mark man is wondering why 1. the odd wording (call it a bolt or an arc, guys; those are more commonly known words) 2. from the eyes (more traditional would be fingertips of right hand or both hands–bolts in neck?) 3. just down one floor instead of across the street, county, state, (to the nearest power line?)

  10. Frankie says:

    Did he slide down the electron bolt like a fireman’s pole? Or did he climb down it like the rope climb in gym?

  11. dblade says:

    I think I’m becoming a big fan of Question Mark Man.