Iron Man vs. Colossus

I realize they've probably fought a dozen times over the years, but I am interested in what you think would happen, not the latest writer at Marvel. So consider this matchup:

On the one hand, Iron Man has, over the years, become one of the main powerhouses of the Marvel Universe, occasionally rivaling the power of Thor and Hulk. He wasn't always that way, though. For many years Iron Man ran the risk of burning himself out at anything approaching maximum power and wasn't anywhere close to god-like ability. I guess a vast fortune and a top-grossing movie franchise can really help a guy out.

Colossus has such a lower profile, I bet most people don't even put them in the same league. But Peter's incredibly strong and incredibly tough. He's gone toe-to-toe with the heavyweights as well and come out looking pretty decent.

So the fundamental question here is, does organic armor trump manufactured armor? Is a guy in a suit better than a guy who IS the suit?

Sound off in the comments and let us know how you feel!

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24 Responses to Iron Man vs. Colossus

  1. Arioch says:

    Iron Man. He has long-range capacities, Colossus doesn’t.
    Of course, colossus can throw something at him, but between repulsors, simple dodge, and the occasionnal force field, iron man should be okay.

    Of course, if colossus manages to grab him….

  2. McKnight57 says:

    You have to realize that at the moment, Colossus is the Juggernaut…bitch.
    Sorry, I had to.

  3. ams says:

    I agree with Arioch. Iron Man offensive weapons and smarts beats out a grounded sitting target. It might take some time and alot of property damage, but ol’ Shellhead gets the job done!

  4. Myro says:

    Yeah, my thoughts exactly. Iron Man can fly, and pick off Colossus at a distance. Colossus will eventually run out of things to throw, and be helpless.

  5. although the iron man repulsor rays are powerful the steel skin of colossus could resist, nice challenge

  6. BenK22 says:

    I like Colossus. He punched Magneto, while Magneto was using his powers against the metallic skin of the mutant.

    As much as I like Tony Stark in the movies and video games, there are times in the comics where I just want to see him get whooped. I think Colossus could dish it out nicely.

  7. Frankie says:

    Colossus would lose, but I voted for him anyway. I don’t like Ironman.

  8. barbario says:

    this would be close. colossus is described as having incredible speed as well as strength and hes been trained in fighting by wolverine so.. plus he is Juggernaut now so i think that would trump tony

  9. Hyborian_Dog says:

    Iron Man. I don’t adhere to him being close to godliness by any means, but he’s just got so many more tricks up his sleeve than pretty much anybody else, ESPECIALLY Colossus.

  10. Doornik1142 says:

    Iron Man. He’s got range and a much larger variety of weapons. In fact I would not be at all surprised if he had a very specific weapon designed to take someone like Colossus down.

  11. Woody says:

    As awesome as Colossus is, it’s hard to argue that he could outmaneuver Iron Man. If he *did* managed to get his hands on Iron Man, it would probably be over, but getting to point would be an uphill battle (literally, since Iron Man can fly…). Even if you consider Iron Man’s reliance on power, if he gets low he can just fly away, recharge, and come back to finish the job.

  12. Sutter_Kaine says:

    Is Iron Man wearing his Hulkbuster armor?

  13. Vampyrist says:

    Despite Iron Man’s ranged capabilities, I still go for Piotr. To me, his skin could take the repulsor rays and the fact that his suit does not depend on a battery gives him the upper hand. I believe Colossus could outlast Tony and if he gets one good hit in, it’s over. Sure Iron man could come back for seconds, but the game’s the same, and Colossus still packs one hell of a punch.

  14. Ducky says:

    This is a no brainer.. Ironman would always win the fight, yes collossus is strong, But people tend to forget that Starks armour can lift an enormous amount! His strength while in the suit at full power will have him lift 100 tons. and yes of course collossus as juggernaught is now stronger.. but have you forgotten the hulkbuster armour? that would be equal to collossus easily, plus the fact that the extremis gave him his own healing factor!

    collossus cant fly, he can do long range, he can do force fields and he cant do stealth.. is there anything he can do?

  15. DiCicatriz says:

    Colossus moved faster than 600mph when he tackled Juggernaut during Fear Itself, it might only apply to one direction (as in his inertial unstoppableness) but if he could move fast enough he could perceivably one shot Tony with his newfound Cytorrak enhancements. He was already an incredibly durable guy and his strength levels are now such that his teammates have to remind him to reign himself in.

    Although I may be somewhat biased as I’ve had a huge crush on Colossus since I was about eight years old πŸ™‚

  16. Joel says:

    I say Iron Man, mainly because flight and lasers. But even if Collossus finds a way around that, I picture the battle going like this: Tony makes an error, Collosus smashes Tony to within an inch of his life, however Tony manages to use his jets to fly away. After his escape, Tony manufactures a weapon specifically to take down Collossus and chases him down again, beating him within seconds using aforementioned trump card.

  17. hyperanthropos says:


    In a simple combat of strength and invulnerability, Colossus would triumph over Iron Man. As powerful as Tony’s Armor is, if it isn’t the Hulkbuster-Version (or Extermis-Nanotechnology), I doubt that it would stand a chance against our Russian mutant physical superiority.
    However, as many have pointet out, Iron Man is more maneuverable thanks to his flying abilities, and he has longe range weapons. Though a pulsor beam directed at Colossus skin, probable would probably just annoy him, a direct hit on his weak spots (eyes, ears, mouth) should take Peter Rasputin out. So I am giving my vote to Iron Man.
    Of course, I am asuming that Tony Stark isn’t drunk again at the

  18. darkvatican says:

    Depending on which version of either is being used in this match-up, it could go either way. The only consistent advantages that Iron Man has on Piotr are his flight, ranged attacks, and “brains”. On the other hand, Colossus is a very canny opponent who has dealt with MANY villains and heroes alike, all of whom have had those same strengths over him. Assuming that this fight is using the baseline power level of the two respective heroes, I would give this to Colossus, with Iron Man exhausting his power reserves trying to hold Colossus at bay.

    Now, if we’re talking about any of the more (ridiculously-)overpowered versions of Iron Man, like Extremis (one of the stupidest iterations, in my opinion – “let’s make the guy who wears the suit as his trademark BE the suit!” -_-), then this fight likely goes to Iron Man. Colossus doesn’t get writer-backing (to augment his abilities) often enough or to the degree that Iron Man does.

  19. Sean Murphy says:

    I was iniatially thinking of the versions of both that I grew up with, and it was a tough call. Early Iron Man probably wasn’t as strong as current Spiderman, but Colossus wasn’t even born yet then, and I grew up with Iron Man being able to lift 50 tons – short of Colossus’ 75 tons. Of course, Iron Man’s strength just keeps growing as he continually upgrades his armor, on the other hand Colossus was lifting 75 tons when he was still a teenager, and had explicitly not yet attained his full strength. Then I was reminded of the Hulkbuster armor
    9which gave Tony an edge over Piotr in strength and durability), and then I found out that Colossus became Juggernaut (which would make him stronger than God and mystically unstoppable to boot).
    It depends so much on which point in their respective timelines that I am going to have to think on this some more and decide which version I want to vote for…

  20. izzyagod says:

    My vote has to be for Colossus. Primary reason being the Man has held OPEN a Frigging nuclear Reactor, among other achievements.

    Not to mention, he lives in a world of Mutants that have beyond the range of abilities Iron man has or will ever have. Flying/super strength/Healing factor/energy blasts/telekinetic attacks and telepathic/ Yeah he has done ALL of it, I say shear experience alone would be enough to trump IM’s Suit abilities

  21. Joshua says:

    Let me understand this– Colossus is the new Juggernaut? Just as I was almost coming to terms with a Magneto who–according to Wikipedia– can affect non-metallic and non-magnetic objects, turn invisible by manipulating photons, and producing wormholes…now this?

    What the f*%k is passing for X-Men comics these days? It’s like every character has contracted “I’m-the-Goddamned-Batman-itis”, and can virtually meet and exceed whatever challenge the writers throw at them– by gaining new powers.

    I hope Iron Man takes this just on the principle that the X-Men, as they stand today, suck. πŸ™‚

  22. Jeff Hebert says:

    Joshua: It’s like every character has contracted β€œI’m-the-Goddamned-Batman-itis”

    Great line!

  23. Kelex says:

    I would WANT Colossus to win…but I know Iron Man would take him.

  24. Sean Murphy says:

    In the end, it depended so much on which version that I just decided I liked Colossus better.