Caption Contest 120 Winners

We had a ton of great entries for Caption Contest 120, featuring Batman with an M1 rifle:

So without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, here are your Finalists in more or less submission order:

  • Kaito94: “Note to self: Buy silencer.”
  • Bael: This is more fun than I thought it would be!
  • Frankie: *Goodbye, bat-phone! No more roaming charges, no more unexpected fees.*
  • Dan: Riddle me THIS, jackass.
  • Joe: “Sorry Jason, but the readers voted."
  • McKnight57: If you can dodge a batarang, you can dodge a bullet, Damian!
  • chrisglend: “Little does Robin know, I’ve replaced my paintball gun with an actual rifle.”
  • Gabe Puratekuta: “Hey, this is much more fun than all those silly gadgets!”
  • Myro: “Holy crap, guns do this? Forget the utility belt!”"
  • Corran Horn: “I don’t always use a gun, but when I do, I shoot to thrill.”
  • Logan: Strangely, it was a violent Batman video game that turned me into a cold blooded killer.
  • Skybandit: I like it, but how will I ever fit this thing on my utility belt?
  • Skybandit: That’s the last contract I lose to Stark Enterprises!
  • remy: This new Bat-shark-repellant works great!
  • Skybandit: What was I thinking, telling a reporter my secret identity?
  • Knighthawk: Step one, successfully shrink ‘Bullet-Man’ with ‘The Atom’s technology. Step two…
  • Frankie: *Wonder Twin powers, DE-activate.*
  • xavierking5: Don’t worry, Dent, I didn’t hit your good side.
  • Kalontas: BLAM… M like Mystery… That means Riddler is on the loose!

And the winner is ... Dan!

Congratulations to him and thanks to everyone who entered.