Sharing Day: Nerd Crush edition

(Click to embiggen for inspiration if you need it.)

This week's Sharing Day topic is:

Who have you had the biggest "Nerd Crush" on?

You don't have to pick one of the stars pictured above, they're just here to get you inspired. Or whatever the appropriate adjective is. Ahem. Your answer should be a "celebrity" role, not someone you know in real life like the cute librarian or the hunky life guard who's secretly into "Twilight".

If you like, in return for answering my question to you, you may ask a question of me on any topic and I'll do my best to answer honestly and completely. Just leave your reply (and question, if any) as a comment. The goal is to learn a little more about our community and to put some positive vibes out there on this Friday the 13th!

As for me and my answer to this question ... I'm going to go with Lynda Carter, TV's original Wonder Woman. When she'd come on the screen and do that magic spin, transforming into the metal-brassiered Amazon ... wow. For a young nerd in a time before cable OR the Internet, that was pretty much the pinnacle.

Now, over to you! What actor in a nerdy role have you had your biggest crush on?