Prize updates

As you can tell, I've been focused over the last week trying to complete the outstanding prizes for the various contests. According to my list I owe specific prizes to:

  1. Unstable: Quarian space gloves
  2. AMS: Stonebourne pic and 3/4 view female leg
  3. Alvacascus: Batik pattern
  4. Kytana: Treasure chest
  5. Cliff: Satyr legs
  6. Martian Blue: Character illustration
  7. Tool: Mask
  8. Kaldath: Cyborg centaur body
  9. DiCicatriz: Color character sketch

I also have Zyp (x2), Papa Krok, Watson Bradshaw, Marquis Samedi, and Martian Blue down for "Next item up" from the Replacement Prize list. Which is:

The yellow highlighted items are ones I committed to originally. A green line through it means I've already done it. Since we have six "next prize up" prizes, that means I'm now slated to do Mecha parts, Quarian space suit parts, Chain Sword, Sci-Fi armor, Earrings, and a side-view hand. If dblade has already done some of those, I'm cheating and counting them as if I did them. Ha!

I am still waiting prize requests from dblade (x3), Phatchick, AMS, Worf, Loki, Frevoli, LoneWolf6155, Frankie (x2), Nick Hentschel, Papa Krok, RhinoMan, Fuzztone, and FRM.

If I missed you, let me know.