Avengers vs. Justice League

With the advent of the "Avengers" movie next month, I thought I'd poll you all on who you think would win between the best of the Marvel Universe against the best of the DC Universe. Unlike last time, when we posited only the original team rosters, this go-around you get to decide which group of members would go against which other group.

I'd suggest that when you put your teams together, though, that you limit yourselves to only groups that actually served at the same time. In other words, if Red Tornado and Animal Man never served in the JLA at the same time, you couldn't have them both on the list.

Of course, since every single character in the DCU has been on the Justice League at some point in some franchise, that could get out of hand pretty quickly. I don't think the Avengers ever had quite the roster-bloat as the JLA. So maybe a second rule should be "equal numbers only". In other words, no fair putting all 568 members who were in the League during the "Unlimited" animated series against twelve Avengers.

In general, I think the power level of the average Marvel character is a lot lower than the power level of their DCU counterparts. And you can always try to play the "Omnipotent Superman" card if you want, but I personally think that's kind of a cop-out along with "Whoever the writers want to win". I don't want your opinion of what someone else might try to make happen, I want to know what you think. For the same reason, while I know they've fought in actual printed crossovers before, that's again what those writers wanted to happen. And a lot has changed in both universes since then.

Now have at it! Give us your rosters, and then who you think would win in the massive slugfest to follow.

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