Character Contest 86 Winners

The "Seven Deadly Sins" contests got to be a bit of a slog, so last time I combined the final two into one joint effort. I thank all of you who stuck it out to the end!

We had some really good entries, and since the overall numbers were fairly low, I thought I'd put every one into a slideshow so you can go through them all like I do each week. Afterwards I'll call out the ones I thought were particularly good and then the overall winner. Enjoy!

In my opinion, the Finalists are:

Cliff's "Envy". I like the composition of the three figures and the haunted, almost savage look on the female character's face.

Dangerfish's "Envy". A much more brutal take on the concept, and one with lots of visceral impact. The idea of wearing her victims' faces is horrifying and great at the same time.

Kaylin88100's "Envy". While I know this is a lot like the spotlight image I put in the contest announcement, I like the way she went about it. The circle of eyes around the main character, a feature Kaylin has put into most of these Sin illustrations, works great here.

Kytana's "Envy". I love the composition, the concept, and the execution here. Just a lovely illustration all the way around.

Marquis Samedi's "Dog Fable", a great adaptation of the classic tale.

Atomic Punk has been doing some cool things with his "alphabet" series. The "Greed" entry is one of the best, showing inventiveness while still hitting the theme.

Finally, Skybandit's "Gluttony AND Envy", which I thought did a great job combining the two ideas.

Looking over those entries I obviously was much more taken with the Envy ones than Gluttony, I'm not sure why.

Anyway, the winner this week is ... Cliff! I thought he nailed the concept and I like the touch of the shadows under her eyes, suggesting that envy harms not just its targets but also its perpetuators. Good job, Cliff!

Thanks to everyone who entered.