META: Site updates mostly complete

As you can see, things look quite different around here. Here's the recap:

  1. I upgraded the Forums in an effort to fix some of the problems they were having (like being unable to upload TXT files and IE not working).
  2. This broke the forums.
  3. I figured out that it was the iFeature Pro base them I was using that was breaking the new forums (and probably the old ones too), so I replaced it with the one you see now.
  4. Now you should be able to make new posts in the forums in any browser. At least, all the ones I tried, worked.
  5. For some reason this new theme takes a nice wide one-column layout (like I use for HeroMachine 3) and shoves it way over to the right. That meant I had to make the size of the HM3 app much smaller, like by 33%. Unacceptable. But the only way to fix it was to break the layout with an extra DIV tag.
  6. I decided having a nice big HM3 app window was more important than the layout, so now you may notice that the right column on the HM3 page is shoved way down below the footer, where it doesn't belong.

So the site was ok, then I broke it trying to fix it, then I fixed and broke some other stuff on purpose. Now it works, even though it's not at all how I want it to ultimately look.

Once I have a full time personal computer again, I'll pretty it up.

Feel free to chime in with problems you find -- I apologize for being grumpy about it while I was in the middle of it.

Edited To Add: To upload images or text files into your forum posts, use the new "add attachment" button below where you type your reply.

Edited Again to Add: Check the comments for further updates, but basically I got the one-column thing working properly.