Character Contest 83 Winners

As you can see I am unfortunately pressed for time today, with the traveling and the day job. But I have gone through the wonderful entries for Character Contest 83 and have put our Finalists after the jump. I don't have my usual commentary, but you can hover over each image to see who drew it, and click on it to see it at full size.

Kytana's really jumped out at me from the screen, but really, all of these are great in one way or another.

Ultimately, I decided to go with Phatchick's because she took what could have been a very intense, dark, or disturbing subject and made it it fun while still capturing the essence of what Lust is. I think we as humans make the mistake of thinking that lust is somehow caused by that which we lust after in at least some measure. The siren's call, the naked succubus, the smoking eyes of the temptress, all arise from the object of lust. But what Phatchick's all too accurate illustration reminds us of is that absolutely anything -- even ankles -- can inspire lust. We can shroud or hide or obscure everything in existence that has the slightest power to arouse us, and even then we will lust.

Because it comes from within, not caused from without.

That's a lot of heavy thinking inspired by something that also makes you laugh! For that accomplishment, I am happy to award Phatchick the Oscar. Er, the win, rather.

Well done one and all!