Sharing Day: Favorite Novel Edition

This week's Sharing Day topic is simple:

What is your favorite novel?

If you're an avid reader like me, you probably will be choking trying to think of just one to be The One. If you want to break it down into genres, feel free.

For me, I'll be boring and say my favorite fantasy novel series is "The Lord of the Rings". I'm such a traditionalist.

My favorite sci-fi novel is probably "Ender's Game". Whenever I want to introduce someone to science fiction who hasn't tried it before, this is the one I give them. I'm probably on copy 24, I've given away so many.

My Amazon list of "Sci-Fi/Fantasy Books That Moved Me" has more of the ones I particularly loved, but I'd really like to hear yours!

If you like, in return for answering my question to you, you may ask a question of me on any topic and I'll do my best to answer honestly and completely.