META: Commissions

Totally random, but would anyone be interested in commissioned artwork from me, the kind of thing you'd get from an artist at a convention? So you'd say "Jeff, I want a drawing of Catwoman kicking a thug in the face". You'd pay me $x, I'd create your drawing, and Bob's your uncle.

21 Responses to META: Commissions

  1. Avatar punkjay says:

    I would love to talk to you about maybe putting your art work on coffee mugs. Iwould like to see if I can figure out a way to tranfer our artwork here from the computer to a machine that turns them into decals that would be fired on to a mug. I just don’t have the capital to do it.

  2. Avatar Mark says:

    Since the odds of finishing off my Terps vs ACC collection by winning your contests are becoming increasingly slim, I’d be interested in rounding out my collection through capitalism.

  3. Avatar Jeff Hebert says:

    Poking around other artists’ web sites, would something in the $50 range for a basic 1-character illustration and $100 for a basic 2-character illustration be fair?

    I’m talking just character illustrations here, not commissioned projects like book covers, logo designs, and that kind of thing. Just the sort of sketch of a character you’d get from am artist at a comics convention. Like the Sketch of the Day series.

    I imagine I’d do them digitally then print them on some nice stock at a reasonable size. Since it’ll be vector that can be any size Office Depot prints.

  4. Avatar Jeff Hebert says:

    I don’t know about color, most of the people I see are doing black and white. But what would you expect for that price? Maybe a $25 upcharge for color or something? I dunno, tell me what you think.

  5. Avatar Skiriki says:

    Hell yes.

    When do you start? I confess, right now my funds are rather low but I should get some money soon…

  6. Avatar Jeff Hebert says:

    I haven’t decided to do it yet, I’m just thinking out loud.

  7. Avatar Skiriki says:

    Jeff Hebert:
    I haven’t decided to do it yet, I’m just thinking out loud.

    *whimper* But but but but but I reaaally waaaant one… *whimper*
    *puppy eyes*

    ‘Cuz your art is like, cool, and stuff.

  8. Avatar Debochira says:

    The one time I don’t have any money, the opportunity of a lifetime opens up. Argh! I would have loved to see a picture of Debo facing Icik to the death.

  9. Avatar Frankie says:

    Yes, Bob IS the name of one of my uncles. What do you know of this?

    I might be interested in buying artwork, I don’t know yet.(money issues, like everyone else who has already posted)

  10. Kaldath Kaldath says:

    I’d certainly love to see you start doing commission work and think your price point seems fair.

  11. Avatar McKnight57 says:

    Yeah, totally. If you decide to do it, I have a few ideas you might get a kick out of.

  12. Avatar Myro says:

    Well, either this seems to be a genie you’ll have a hard time trying to stuff back into the bottle or an incredible opportunity for you Jeff. As it happens, I’ve got an idea kicking around that I’d probably shell out good money for (and accept the yelling that would result from spending good money on a vanity project). So, let us know if you plan on going through with this.

  13. Avatar CKnap says:

    Sounds like an awsome idea, once I get things together and have some extra cash I would be up for it.

  14. ams ams says:

    Will your prizes be affected? Makes them more valuable to win…

  15. Avatar Aaron says:

    i’d like to see you draw a reaper from Mass Effect but cant pay ya

  16. Avatar TOOL says:

    Bob is actually my father in law LOL

  17. Avatar kryptkal says:

    Yes. I would be interested, and I would be able to pay you. Contact me and we can talk. My only question is what are the limitations?

  18. Avatar The Imp says:

    I’d be totally up for this. Price is fair, art is awesome. What’s not to like?

  19. I’m definitely interested.