Lobo vs Thor

All right, cross-continuity comics fans, I have a doozy for you this week:

That's right, it's the Ultimate Bastich himself, the motorcycle-riding tough guy Lobo against the God of Thunder himself.

Make your case as to who wins and why!

21 Responses to Lobo vs Thor

  1. Frevoli says:

    I don’t see the main man coming out of this one

  2. Viknix says:

    The thundergod will pound the main man into the ground.

  3. TheAmazingFrank7 says:

    I want to go with Thor as he’s the one I know most. But after reading about Lobo’s powers he seems pretty amazing. Tough decision now. Probably go for Lobo as this is a completely random choice.

  4. Mr.MikeK says:

    I went with Thor for one main reason: I’ve never liked Lobo. To me, his character development and immense popularity in the 90’s are part of the problem with the trends that drove me out of comics for a long time. He’s a parody that became DC’s answer to the ultraviolent, overmuscled, overdone, and, worst of all, Liefeld-eske characters of that era. I just can’t stand him. OK, he was voiced by Brad Garrett in Superman and Justice League and he’s hilarious. That does give him one good point in my book.

  5. Wulf says:

    Despite Lobo’s powers and so on, Thor would win because 1) He’s Thor. Two) Wolverine beat Lobo and Thor’s powers are greater than Wolverine. Three) Thor has the Avengers, Sif and the Warriors Three, and other Asgardians behind him who would most certainly unite to wipe Lobo off the battlefield if Thor fell.

  6. Hammerknight says:

    I am a DC fan but I have to go with Thor on this one. I never did like Lobo.

  7. John says:

    Thor. ‘Cuz he’s got a big-ass magic hammer, that’s why!

  8. Doornik1142 says:

    Despite Lobo’s powers and so on, Thor would win because 1) He’s Thor. Two) Wolverine beat Lobo and Thor’s powers are greater than Wolverine. Three) Thor has the Avengers, Sif and the Warriors Three, and other Asgardians behind him who would most certainly unite to wipe Lobo off the battlefield if Thor fell.

    I think it was implied in a later comic that when Lobo fought Wolverine he took a dive in exchange for cash or something.

    In any event, that fight shouldn’t count as it was decided via a fan poll.

  9. Jessica says:

    Thor for sure. I’m sorry but he’s a god and has a magic hammer. ‘Nuff said.

  10. darkvatican says:

    The obviously-overwhelming assumption of this versus match-up has Thor coming out on top. He does, after all, have much more exposure and in-depth character progression. He also has a list of “feats” a mile long! However, a particular fan-based match-up aside, Lobo has gone up against some of DC’s most powerful heroes and acquitted himself quite well, at times. The most consistent aspects of Lobo are perhaps the most important ones in this match-up: his super-fast healing ability (faster than Wolverine’s), his immortality (which would make it impossible for even the “god of thunder” to kill him outright), & his genius for all things related to destruction and killing. All that said, Lobo would most definitely give Thor a run for his money before he got bored or tired of fighting the same guy for such a long time. If it was a deathmatch and he was only given the options of fighting and killing his opponent or allowing himself to be “killed” (assuming he COULD be killed), then he would fight on and on and on (because he has endless stamina) until he finally wore Thor down and killed him. Of course, versus match-ups like this are never to the death and, in a comic book setting, the fight would break up LOOOONG before it got to that point. Most likely, some villain would crash the party, distracting Thor and/or irritating Lobo (he hates when people intrude on his fights), which would lead to the pair teaming up to defeat the villain. After the villain was dealt with, Lobo would probably say he would “let Thor off, this one time.” That’s how I see this one ending – in “postponement”.

  11. 1rd2th3st says:

    I think I’ll go with Lobo for one main reson : HE CAN’T DIE. It’s one of his prominent abilities and though Thor is an incredibly tough opponent you can’t really beat immortallity.

  12. Skybandit says:

    Jeff made the case for us. A motorcycle-riding tough guy against the God of Thunder. ‘Nuff said!

  13. William Peterson says:

    Yes, Lobo’s got an amazing array of BS powers… True, Thor can’t really kill him (no matter how much I’d like to see it happen!). Yup, I normally prefer DC over Marvel…
    On the other hand, I really, really, really HATE Lobo, with a passion that knows few bounds!
    And, besides which, Thor can whip up one of those dimension-spanning vortexes and suck Lobo into a nameless realm for ever and ever… and that’s good enough for me! 😉

  14. Nateakas says:

    Look, either way, this match will be worth seeing but I say The Main Man will go Ragnarok on Odinson’s @$$!

    Firstly, as powerful as Thor is, he’s died a few times (Hey blame Fraction, not me) proving that, while difficult, is still possible to kill him. In terms of endurance, Lobo has the edge due to him being functionally immortal having been kicked out of heaven, hell and who knows where else for being too damn violent. Logically, this would extend to Valhalla, Hel etc. Keep in mind that Thor and company aren’t truly immortal as they need to periodically consume the Golden Apples of Iddun in order to keep on rocking, a fact often glossed over by most writers. The -One-Who-Eats-Your-Entrails can pretty well take anything the Overgrown-Swedish-Supermodel-Beefcake can dish out with his hammer and can simply outlast him to the point that Thor collapses without getting his Fantastical Fruit Fix.

    Also, Thor isn’t exactly known for his intelligence- when you can bench press the titanic, who needs it. Granted he has bright ideas ocasionally, but the number of times he’s been decieved by Loki is ridiculous, even in the old myths when they worked togeter, the Trickster God did all the thinking. Lobo is a genius when it comes to all things destructive, he engineered a virus that killed off the ENTIRE POPULATION OF HIS HOME PLANET FOR FRAG’S SAKE. The main reason he rarely displays that intellect is that it’s much easier for writers to have him break things rather than a lay out a carefully designed, deviously brilliant scheme, although Lobo would probably prefer to get his hands bloody.

    Speaking of Viruses, Thor is immune to all Earthly diseases, but it wouldn’t be difficult for Lobo to engineer a special chemical cocktail designed to give the Asgardian an excrutiating death. Admitedly it’s unlikely that Thor would give him the chance to create it, this is assuming there’s some prep time.

    Additionally, we factor in Lobo’s bitchin’ Space Hog, current possesion of a RED LANTERN RING and the fact that he killed Santa Claus and the Bo will be force-feeding the Macho Metro his own dinky winged helmet. It may take until the end of the universe, but it’s gonna happen.

  15. Myro says:

    Well, there is one area where Thor has Loving beaten hands down, and that is in the class department. Thor has been mentioned by a few of the Avengers aa being one of their most regal members (alongside Black Panther), while Lobo is a boorish alien biker.
    I’m going with Thor on this one. Like a lot of people, I don’t particularly care for Lobo, and frankly, Thor doesn’t need to kill Lobo. He just needs to draw him out into space, and then smash the Space Hog into bits and leave Lobo floating in the void, trying to figure out how to fix his ride.

  16. hyperanthropos says:

    Wow! This is a fight, where I have absolutly no idea who would win in the end. Thor is a thundergod and has battled many of Marvel’s most formidable villains. Lobe IS one of DC’s most formidable villain’s (I ain’t calling him a hero). The Main Man has tackled with Superman and other heavy hitters. He is also basically immortal. And unlike Thor, Lobo would probably fight dirty.
    It is a tough choice, but I believe in the end Thor could hold himself against Lobo. But it sure would be one hell of a fight.

  17. Joel says:

    Personally, I think Thor is stronger and definitely CAN beat Lobo, however I think him being a goody two shoes hero (not at all like the original ass kicking giant killing beer drinking god of thunder we all know and love) will be a huge disadvantage for him. In my personal opinion, Thor is stronger the Lobo, but he doesn’t have it in him to actually kill Lobo, or barring that, do whatever is necessary to actually beat him.

  18. Shade2075 says:

    With the amount of medal Lobo has on his arm alone would probably make him a living lighting rod in this fight. I just can’t see it ending well

  19. knight1192a says:

    Lobo has a Red Lantern ring. As most of the folks who use those become little more than mindless beasts while wearing those, if Lobo were to decide to wear it Thor would certainly crush him. And considering Lobo’s violent nature he’d probably put it on just to get a little more rage for the battle.

  20. smparadox says:

    I detest Lobo, but based on the comics I have read of both, Lobo has several advantages. I disagree that stamina is one of them – I’ve never seen any indication that Lobo is tireless, just very tough and immune to many things that wold wear down a non-Czarnian, while Thor is functionally tireless (I recall a training session with Baldur in preparation for a coming invasion that lasted for a week, with no breaks for food or sleep). So if the fight between them were just a fight between them, I wold reluctantly give it to Lobo. Lobo is strong on the DC scale, strong enough to have killed Superman (by forcibly restrining him in the vacuum of spave until the air in Superman’s lungs was exhausted) at one point if a plot point had not happened to kick in at that very moment to save Superman. Thor is strong on the Marvel scale. Marvel’s strongest heroes lift locomotives, and occasionally 747’s.
    If Lobo knew what Valhalla was, he would throw the fight to go there. He is tailor-made for Valhalla – the Viking dead spend all of their time there fighting to the death and feasting to their hearts’ content. Lobo wold never want to leave. And he would become the most powerful warrior on Asgard’s side when Ragnarok came, definitively tipping the balance in Asgard’s favor.
    Hela could never let this happen. And she is a schemer. So is her father, Loki, but even more so. One or both of them would send pawns to interrupt the fight and cause DarkVatican’s “postponement”.

  21. Kalontas says:

    Like some of the people above, I absolutely hate Lobo. Reading his powers and story, he’s a very badly conceived Mary Sue and if I ever got control over DC (one can dream), Lobo would be the first thing I’d decide to kill off. Readers be damned, this abomination against art of writing should not be allowed to have a single issue of comic disgraced by his face.

    Of course that according to his powers, Lobo would win, because that’s the way he’s written. He, however, should not win and should finally get killed by Thor, with his last words probably being “What? How? But I’m im-“. Yeah, they wouldn’t let him to Hell – so his spirit would be just out-right destroyed, forever. The end.