META: Site updates

Today I submitted a request to my hosting company to move to a different type of service that is metered by memory usage instead of the flat rate I have been using up till now. I want to resolve the temporary outages once and for all, as well as prepare for the future. Hopefully this won't break anything and you won't even notice a difference, but there's always the chance it will all melt down into a steaming pile of digital goo.

Just a heads-up in case you notice funkiness.

4 Responses to META: Site updates

  1. Sounds pretty heavy, Jeff. I’m still peeved at my ISP for getting rid of WebSpace and ftp. Everything was so simple. Create a design, use Notepad to write HTML, and upload. No Facebook, no on-line ads, no plug-ins, just a clean, static page.

    Being nefariously cheap, I’m looking to scale back my Cox Communications internet package to open a DreamHost or Network Solutions Website. Thing is, I don’t need that much space.

    Even looking at GoDaddy. Except their ads make me not want to buy anything from them. Seriously, who came up with marketing that make you not want to buy stuff?!? I get so mad at Flo from Progressive that I hope she chokes on that stupid Geico gecko…

    Calm… remain calm…

    e-mail me if you have an option to sub-let some website space or even a subscription rate. I’m open to options. The UGO Picture album is helpful but I create webpages for reasons other than HeroMachine.

  2. TOOL says:

    @The Atomic Punk, you mean there are web pages other than heromachine?! JK.

    @Jeff, random question if you don’t mind, how come there isn’t any heromachine gear we can buy. It would help raise money for the site if thats a problem with UGO. Id buy a hero machine T, or a personalized poster of one of my characters, or a HM key chain, or ….

  3. TOOL says:

    Okay I know its a little off subject but I just found this awesome site and thought it would be okay to post it here rather then the other post.

  4. @TOOL: Some neat figurines there. Some HeroMachine “merch” would be neat. Not to speak for Jeff, but marketing and logistics are huge undertakings. Alas, he is but only one genius. ;>

    I *WAS* in the middle of developing my own product lines until a certain internet provider pulled the plug. Between my day job, personal drama and frustrations, and other distractions… ugh, it’s hard to get off the ground. Especially having zero business and marketing experience.

    Funny side note. I checked out CenturyLink last night as a possible new webhost. Now two-thirds of the banners on HM are for CenturyLink High-Speed Internet. Nice, eh?