Humorous headline

(From "The Green Mask" number 7, 1941.)

14 Responses to Humorous headline

  1. Gero says:

    “Holy Soaked Birdhouses, Batman!”

  2. Whit says:

    Observational Aside:

    This reminds me of “Exposition Realtors” in “American Dad”. 😀

  3. Joshua says:

    It somewhat resembles a Happy Meal box from the 80’s, albeit super-sized.

  4. William A. Peterson says:

    Nah, that’s just a typical satchel of the ’40s, such as was carried around by Criminals looking for a stylish accessory to carry their loot in! 😀

  5. Susie Q says:

    I’m just glad they labeled the caption so I would know why it was there.

  6. Jeff Hebert says:

    Me too, Susie Q. Hey wait, that rhymed! I should have labeled it:

    “Rhyming comment: Me too, Susie Q.”

  7. Frevoli says:

    quite bright out for night – is it the north pole?

  8. Susie Q says:

    Whoa! That rhymed?

  9. The Eric says:

    That’s not explanatory at all!

  10. Myro says:

    The person that did this went undiscovered, as it happened in the only town in America whose police station had no one on staff at night.


  11. Frankie says:

    Not so sure about that. It looks like Random Fist is on the job. And as we all know, Random Fist’s real name is Thing. By day, he’s the hand servant to the wealthy Adam’s family. But, come sundown he’s HANDsome police detective, Random Fist. That’s two hand jobs in 24 hours.

  12. The Imp says:

    Eww. Why is it all… wet?

  13. X-stacy says:

    The Eric’s right. It’s really more descriptive than explanatory. Perhaps instead it should have been labeled “Redundant Caption” so the people following the story by looking at the pictures would know they could skip it.

    Also? That’s quite an angle for hurling a bag full of loot through a window. You’d expect more of an underhand toss.

  14. TOOL says:

    He’s returning stolen fish I guess?