Poll Position: Doomsday vs. Juggernaut

With thanks once again to McKnight57 for the idea, I give you this week's "Versus" challenge:


Two incredibly tough adversaries from different, each advertised as unstoppable in some way. So who comes out ahead, and why?

Doomsday has the advantage of being custom built to destroy anything, given time. He's even beaten Superman and by most accounts can survive unimaginably massive damage.

Juggernaut, however, has "magic" in the form of a big tasty gem that gives him unstoppable momentum. He's incredibly tough and has his own healing factor, as does seemingly every Marvel character not named "Aunt May".

Something has to give when this immovable object from DC smacks into this irresistible force from Marvel! So have at it, folks, and give us reasons why you're right.

25 Responses to Poll Position: Doomsday vs. Juggernaut

  1. Dan says:

    Sometimes with these votes, you go with your heart, and not your head. I love The Juggernaut, even though I think Doomsday would probably win, I had to vote for Cain. I know next to nothing about Doomsday, other than he trashed the losers that DC was passing off as the JLA in his first appearence, but Juggs is always written as being a doof, and would lose by making some dumb mistake.

  2. Frankie says:

    I don’t like either one of them, but the Juggernaut has the beter personality, so i voted for him. Last I read, Juggy’s one of the good guys(troubled good guys, that is.)

  3. McKnight57 says:

    As the esteemed Mr. Hebert has already stated, Doomsday was engineered to survive basically everything that was ever thrown at him. Aside from suffering from what looks like meth mouth, some extreme hair loss and the worst case of backne ever, Doomsday is a killing machine. Forget IG-88 from the Star Wars Trilogy, Doomsday was designed, born and trained to kill with out any semblance of feeling whatsoever. He killed Superman, which has never been done otherwise unless you’re counting the Blackest Night saga where he became a Black Lantern. You have to consider the reason Doomsy wasn’t defeated by Superman. They were fighting in Metropolis, the DC version of Mnahattan. Anywhere Supes tossed him, it would harm civilians. He died because he was protecting everyone. Not the Utilitarian “everyone”, but actually EVERYONE. Alone in a desert or remote canyon, Doomsday would have been toast. Also, he had a very primitive brain the first time around. Any time there were clones made of Doomsday, they always gave him a brain, which caused some form of doubt, which slowed him down. Doomsday sans brain = Ultimate killing machine. Doomsy with brain = DC’s version of Nerd Hulk.

    Juggernaut, aka Cain Marko was normal dude until he found the Gem of Cytorrak. This basically cancelled out rudimentary physics and gave him limitless momentum. It also made him ridiculously strong. Unless you take off his helmet and make him vulnerable to his step-brother’s psychic attacks, he wins against everyone in marvel not named Hulk, Onslaught, Galactus or Apocalypse. Given the seemingly infinite list of characters in the Marvel Encyclopedia, that is the shortest list of real threats ever conceived. So yeah, among the hundreds of characters in the Marvel Universe, Juggy wins hands down against all but those four.

    Given all of that, Doomy’s got those boney knuckle claw thingies that are essentially the DCU’s version of Adamantium. Given that pretty much every part of him minus his “gentleman’s equipment” is covered with these jagged boney things makes him a tank. I don’t see Juggy getting around that any time soon, since Dan stated he’s kind of dumb. If they both had a brain, outcome would probably be reversed. As I saw in the old Black Panther cartoon from BET, it was stated that, “he fought the Hulk and walked away. God help us all if he had a brain.”

    Anyway, taking a cue from Deadliest Warrior, after mentally running the battle in my head about a hundred times. I see ending Doomsday: 92 – Juggernaut: 8.

  4. Myro says:

    Well…I wish I could put up more of an argument, but I think McKnight managed to sum that one up nicely.

  5. TopHat says:


    Both of them are absurdly strong, durable, and virtually unstopabble. Juggy can live on as a skeleton, DD can evolve after every death.

    Neither will take down the other.

  6. Bael says:

    Doomsday is an biological science project run amok. Sure, hell be back, but he gets killed regularly, which qualifies as a loss. Juggernaut is the chosen avatar of Cyttorak, an entity of unimaginable godlike power focused on destruction. If Doomsday came back enough times, he’d get to be a problem, but the first several fights go to Juggernaut.

  7. McKnight57 says:

    Bael (7): That would actually be the 8 out of 100 that Juggernaut won in the first few rounds.

  8. Waaly1 says:

    jug would only kill doom a few times all he can do i punch him, and hes already got punch from Superman

  9. Gero says:

    Speaking of immovable objects and unstoppable forces, have they ever made a comic where Blob (can’t be budged) and Juggernaut (can’t be slowed/stopped) fought? I imagine they must have, since they’re from not only the same company, but the same comic, so anyone know?

  10. Dan says:

    @Gero, actually, I don’t believe they ever did. Blob and Juggs both came out in the early 60’s but weren’t really used much. Juggernaut made a few appearences around the Marvel U, before becoming Black Tom’s sidekick. Blob wasn’t used much in the 70’s until they made him a part of the New Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, which later became Freedom Force, and Juggernaut went back to just floating around, fighting random heroes.(Such as Thor and the New Warriors.) As far as I know, the only time they were ever in the same issue was X-Force #5, but they didn’t cross paths.

  11. Frevoli says:

    if I remember correctly – juggernaut is only dangerous when he is able to build up momentum. I’m sure Doomsday could work this out, and finish Cain off

  12. Dan says:

    Ok, I have to dispell this myth, Juggernaut in the comics has NO powers that involve momentum. That was the terrible movie version, where he was a mutant, and not related to Xavier. The comics version has a magical force field, is super strong and invunerable. Hence, Unstoppable. It has nothing to do with him moving.

  13. McKnight57 says:

    Gero (10): See Doornik1142’s link at #3.

  14. Joshua says:

    As the trumpets blare, the hordes of Latveria turn toward Castle VonDoom, but upon the realization of their misdeed, they quickly turn away in abject terror.
    DOOM: A toe tag is on its way to you, “McKnight57”. And Doom quotes, “Unless you take off his helmet and make him vulnerable to his step-brother’s psychic attacks, he wins against everyone in Marvel not named Hulk, Onslaught, Galactus or Apocalypse.”

    Doom won’t allow you to amend that statement. On Doom’s worst day: The day beginning as Doom’s armor experiences breakdown via a time-traveling trojan virus from the 82nd century, this as Doom’s mind is violated by psychic rape from the 7th dimensional imps of Cadra VI, and…AND as Doom is deep in the midst of the sniffles, all this and Doom still could defeat Marko and the supposed four he couldn’t defeat with a mere snap of Doom’s fingers.

    Because you didn’t included Richards in that list, Doom will allow you a quick death. BAH!!


  15. Joel says:

    Doomsday wins. Both are tanks, but Doomsday has claws. He has the ability to cut his opponent so if all else fails he could beat him that way. Even the toughest skin can be cut.

  16. Logan says:

    Ugh why post such a tough decision? I had to go for Juggernaut just because I love him.

  17. McKnight57 says:

    Joshua (15): Fine. Doom’s on the list for Juggernaut, but I’d like to see him try to fight Doomsday. And by “try,” I mean “get drop-kicked back to Latveria before he has time to snap his fingers.”

  18. Jessica says:

    Okay, so I would have to think that Doomsday would win. Juggernaut is indestructible but Doomsday can adapt to anything. Plus Doomsday killed Superman. Whereas, Juggernaut has been beat on numerous occasions.

  19. Hammerknight says:

    I’ll put it like this Juggy can be bet by Spiderman, Dooms kicked the sh*t out of Superman. Enough said about that.

  20. Sean Murphy says:

    I think McKnight is pretty close to dead on. Juggernaut would start off trying to beat Doomsday unconscious, which of course would not work – Doomsday would not stop until he was dead. Cyttorak’s magic is strong enough to accomplish this. But Doomsday does not stay dead, and he evolves in response to what kills him. He would come back adapting magical energies, and if the first attempt did not get the job done, the second or third would. Doomsday would likely wind up tapping into the flow of energies from Cyttorak and not only reducing or eliminating Juggernaut’s powers, but also adding them to his own.

    And by the way, Blob versus Juggernaut is actually pretty easy. Blob is incredibly difficult to move due to the nature of his mutant powers, to the point where when he is lifted by something strong enough, he pulls the ground up with him. Juggernaut is enchanted to be unstoppable by a god, to the point where Nightcrawler tried to lead him up some burned out unstable stairs once and Cyttorak’s power firmed the stairs to prevent them from stopping him. Almost unmovable versus truly unstoppable.

  21. Sutter_Kaine says:

    Okay, I gotta ask. How tough are you really if the only thing that saves you from constant defeat/death is a super-duper adaptability/regeneration power? If Wolverine and Deadpool are really such great fighters, why do they have to rely on their healing factors so much? And Doomsday’s ability to adapt to radiation, magic, sarcasm, pies to the face, etc. really just makes him the equivalent of a giant cockroach. If there’s no real chance of death, doesn’t that reduce if not eliminate the dramatic tension? Sure, it’s a comic book and chances are the hero is going to win or if killed be brought back soap-opera style, but it makes it harder to suspend disbelief and play along with the drama if the character is never in any real danger. Isn’t giving a character like Doomsday, who’s already stronger than Superman and virtually invulnerable the ability to adapt to any attack overkill? Okay, enough of that. I’m going to go yell at some kids for stepping on my lawn.

  22. TOOL says:



    You decide for youself but I say that D-Day kills The Jugg Head, it may be a little of a drawn out fight but it will end with the beast beating the brawn.

  23. knight1192a says:

    Have to give this one to Doomsday. Don’t know if things have changed but originally the Crimsom Gem of Cyttorak gave Juggernaut his powers and as long as no one else claimed it he was near unstoppable (I say near because without his helmet he was vulnerable to pshycic attacks). Doomsday is basically immortal, the only way to truely kill him is to send him to the end of time. Other than that he always comes back to life when killed and can’t be killed the same way twice.

  24. knight1192a says:

    Ok, knew match. Seeing comments about Juggernaut vs. Blob and Juggernaut vs. Superman lead to this one. Juggernaut vs. Batman, who wins? My money’s on the Bat.