Death Hulk

When last we left our Lone Wolf, we had decided to walk forward with our hands up towards some soldiers. In other cultures this stance would be known as "surrendering", but since we are a Kai Lord we get to just say we happen to be walking unarmed towards potential enemies with our hands up, completely unarmed. That's totally different. So here's what happened:

There are no good omens, Lone Wolf. But it's really cute that he thinks so. It's far more likely the dream means he's going to wake up with his throat being slitted by "Lord Axim of Ryme" with the aforementioned Sommerswerd. Let's see:

Wait, does this mean we're about to switch to the movie "Legend" starring Tom Cruise and Tim Curry as the horniest little devil in the universe?!

WAHOO!! Get us out of this text-heavy and random-deathly schlep and into some giant red-devil horned-guy faerie dream! Alas, as it turns out it's just more exposition:

Hey, wait, we DO have Sixth Sense! When the hell did THAT happen? I don't know, but it's on our character sheet, so I'm going with it.

Now, why does it take Sixth Sense to figure that out? Wouldn't it just require that our benefactors not be complete dicks? You'd think this information would come with the sword, like in a little instruction manual or something, but barring that surely the people who've been guarding it for however the hell long would know what the damn thing does. What a waste of a decision point.

In other words -- and you knew this was coming -- we see dead people.

Oh goodness, a random roll. My sphincters all slam shut when one of these come up, because it usually is something like "You rolled a 1 so you discover that meal you ate in Section 45 was actually a bomb. BOOM! You and everyone around you is dead, thank you for playing."

Will this interminable stretch of text never end?!

Finally, some action! And what action it is -- am I the only one who thinks "Death Hulk" is probably Marvel's next major event?

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Have at it, folks!