Bets you can't lose

(From "Samson" number 3, 1941.)

5 Responses to Bets you can't lose

  1. Patriot_Missile says:

    But… My grandma was in there! And all our expensive china! Oh crap! My flatscreen!!

  2. Worf says:

    What kind of house makes “RIP” as a noise when you pull it out of the ground?

  3. Joshua says:

    I can’t help but wonder just what favor did these (…farmers?) men ask of “Samson”?

    “Hey, Samson! Could you take time from wrecking collateral damage and help us move our industrial sized outhouse?”

  4. Myro says:

    “Dear God! Those Amish men are performing a barn raising! Must stop them before they finish!”

  5. TopHat says:

    Worst. Superhero. Ever.