Caption Contest 105 Winners!

Thanks to everyone for the outstanding entries in Caption Contest 105! There were a lot of great ones, so the Finalist list this week is pretty long, including a couple of HM-memes-in-the-making courtesy of Danny Beaty's wrist-blasters and TopHat's evocation of everyone's architecture-smashing "hero", Samson:

  • Worf: Damn these mitts!
  • TopHat: ”I’ve come to preach the word of Samson!”
  • Joel: “Hello? I’m supposed to be on trial for destruction of public property, is this the right court room?”
  • Myro: “Robot God needs booze.”
  • Danny Beaty: I should have used my wrist-mounted blasters!
  • Blue Blazer: Ha! Chalk up one more shifty-eyed door!
  • Gregg: Good afternoon. Might I interest you in some fine replacement doors?
  • McKnight57: Bite my shiny metal adult diaper!!
  • MartianBlue: Everyone stay calm, I’ve just recieved information over the com of a very dangerous looking large, white robot entering this building.
  • Wierdrocks: “NOW it’s a party!”
  • TheNate: Hulk smash, ROM Kavoom!
  • Jester: Hi.
  • Jessica: Jocasta, what the HELL is going on here?!
  • Knighthawk: I put the ROM in romance!
  • Kyle Hilsee: Is Lucy here? Cause’ I’m home.
  • X-stacy: Why are you marrying him? I’ve got five speeds and three attachments!

But as you know, there can be only one. And that one is ... Worf!

I liked that it both provided an explanation for why he was smashing the doors in, and referenced those never-to-be-understood mitts ROM parades around in. Good job, Worf!

15 Responses to Caption Contest 105 Winners!

  1. Danny Beaty says:

    Congrats Worf!
    @Jeff: Thanks for the honorable mention!

  2. Trekkie says:

    Congrats Worf!
    I got some good laughs out of these.

  3. Worf says:

    WHAT?? I Won??? And a Caption Contest at that?????? I’ll take it, but I seriously didn’t expect it. Thank you, Jeff.

    Now for the hard job of figuring out what I want….

  4. Joshua says:

    Worf, congrats mate!

  5. Worf says:

    Dang I forgot to use our new multipurpose phrase….

    Wrist-mounted blasters I won??? 😉 hehehhe

    @Danny/Trekkie/Joshua: Thank you sirs.

  6. Patriot_Missile says:

    hahahaaahaaaahaha! I still like the “ROMance” caption, too. Congratulations to all. This is awesome.

  7. Danny Beaty says:

    @Worf: Thank you for mentioning the wrist-mounted blasters!

  8. Dan says:

    Good job Worf!

  9. Wierdrocks says:

    Yay Worf!

    And yay ME! Honorable Mention! *happy dance*

  10. Watson Bradshaw says:

    Awesome job WORF, some real funny stuff this week 🙂

  11. @Joe (102) “Dire Wraiths, prepare to meet your….sorry about that.”

    That was the original storyline. The Wraiths as church-goers disguised as humans. With Basilisk hunting ROM. ROM explodes from the grave to fight the Wraith reverend! And thus break open the doors of their church. He even struggles with the shape-shifter. His Mitts can’t even choke the Master Wraith.

    Yes, an awesome story wrapped in oven mitts!

  12. Myro says:

    Congrats Worf.

  13. Jessica says:

    Congrats Worf!

    And I can’t believe I got an honorable mention! That’s awesome! Thanks Jeff!