Caption Contest 105 Winners!

Thanks to everyone for the outstanding entries in Caption Contest 105! There were a lot of great ones, so the Finalist list this week is pretty long, including a couple of HM-memes-in-the-making courtesy of Danny Beaty's wrist-blasters and TopHat's evocation of everyone's architecture-smashing "hero", Samson:

  • Worf: Damn these mitts!
  • TopHat: ”I’ve come to preach the word of Samson!”
  • Joel: “Hello? I’m supposed to be on trial for destruction of public property, is this the right court room?”
  • Myro: “Robot God needs booze.”
  • Danny Beaty: I should have used my wrist-mounted blasters!
  • Blue Blazer: Ha! Chalk up one more shifty-eyed door!
  • Gregg: Good afternoon. Might I interest you in some fine replacement doors?
  • McKnight57: Bite my shiny metal adult diaper!!
  • MartianBlue: Everyone stay calm, I’ve just recieved information over the com of a very dangerous looking large, white robot entering this building.
  • Wierdrocks: “NOW it’s a party!”
  • TheNate: Hulk smash, ROM Kavoom!
  • Jester: Hi.
  • Jessica: Jocasta, what the HELL is going on here?!
  • Knighthawk: I put the ROM in romance!
  • Kyle Hilsee: Is Lucy here? Cause’ I’m home.
  • X-stacy: Why are you marrying him? I’ve got five speeds and three attachments!

But as you know, there can be only one. And that one is ... Worf!

I liked that it both provided an explanation for why he was smashing the doors in, and referenced those never-to-be-understood mitts ROM parades around in. Good job, Worf!