And architecture!

(From "Fantastic Comics" number 19, 1941.)

19 Responses to And architecture!

  1. TopHat says:

    Huh, there seems to be a typo there.

    It should say ‘Samson pits his tremendous strength for the forces of evil and injustice’.

  2. Gero says:

    @Tophat 1: There’s nothing evil about property and collateral damage, as long as you stop the mediocre generic villains…

  3. Anarchangel says:

    @ Gero (2) What about disturbing hip thrusts at underage boys? That panel is still haunting my thoughts.

  4. Gero says:

    @Angel 3: Batman’s one of the most popular comic heroes ever, and he shared a BED with Dick Greyson, so Samson’s hip thrusts may just be his way of trying to improve his image…

  5. Myro says:

    “Vowing to oppose the Evil League of Architects, Engineers, and Barbers.”

  6. The Imp says:

    This wording of this paragraph makes no freakin’ sense. So THIS Samson comes out of ‘the mists of history’. Okay, got that. He’s
    Samson, semi-mythical hero of antiquity. But then… who’s his famous ancestor?

  7. Gero says:

    @Imp 6: Fry you idiot, you’re your grandfather!

  8. Anarchangel says:

    Futurama quotes ftw 😀

  9. X-stacy says:

    Well it is evil and unjust that people should be forced to live in undersized homes with no foundations.

  10. The Imp says:

    @Gero: 😀

  11. Frevoli says:

    did Samsom have a discernible rogues gallary to speak of?

    I’m guessing his archnemesis was something like a building with scissors for hands?

  12. Wulf says:

    @ The Imp: The “ancestor” spoken of is the Biblical Samson, the one what slaughtered an army with a donkey’s jawbone, was seduced by some girl named Delilah, and then tore down a temple.

  13. Worf says:

    @Wulf: I think what The Imp was referring to is that the text says “Out of the mists of history”, which implies that he would be the biblical Samson. The very next sentence says “Like his famous ancestor…”, so that begs the question, if he’s the biblical one, who is his famous ancestor? And if he’s not the biblical Samson (which we know him not to be), why is he “out of the mists of history”? See, it makes no sense.

  14. X-stacy says:

    Comics were meant for kids back then, right? So “out of the mists of history” could probably be used for anybody over the age of 30.

  15. Sutter_Kaine says:

    Samson’s arch-enemy was Frank Lloyd Wright.

  16. dblade says:

    Ah, this brings back memories of an Alternity Supers game I ran for my group. They decided to create Chicago-themed heroes and came up with Frank Lloyd Righteous, Carl Sandborg, and Magnificent Myles. One of their enemies was the Cube, a robotic box infused with the crazed spirit of Mies van der Rohe.

  17. dblade says:

    I guess it makes sense that Samson is written as a one-man building wrecker, since he is most famous for toppling pillars and bringing down the roof on his enemies.

    Maybe those writers weren’t so crazy after all…

  18. John says:

    Sutter Kaine (15), FTW!

  19. The Imp says:

    @Worf (13): Exactly.