Samson tries his hand at traffic control

(From "Fantastic Comics" number 19, 1941.)

10 Responses to Samson tries his hand at traffic control

  1. Worf says:

    Are those two guys jumping from the car or the bungalow?

  2. TopHat says:

    Samson: Acting like a nineties anti-hero 50 years before the trend started.

  3. Sutter_Kaine says:

    Don’t sell Samson short. The fact of the matter is, a bungalow is more effective than a red light 83% of the time. Statistics don’t lie.

  4. William A. Peterson says:

    Sutter, I really don’t want to see the Red Lights they’re using in the other 17% of tests! 😀

  5. Trekkie says:

    Or has the car been crushed and the two guys have popped out under the pressure?

  6. Joe says:

    This is really not surprising considering the last Samson panel you showed us. You know, considering all of the money in property damage Samson causes, you would think someone would sue him or something.

  7. X-stacy says:

    Maybe somebody already did sue him; maybe that’s how he lost both his shirt and his pants.

  8. punkjay says:

    Can you say OVERKILL!!!

  9. Frankie says:

    @Worf No.1: They were inside of the sedan, but the sedan ended up inside of the bungalow,…so both.