Caption Contest 103 Winners!

Many thanks to everyone who entered Caption Contest 103, which challenged you to come up with the best replacement dialog for this awesome random comics panel:

The funniest lines in my opinion were:

  • Watson Bradshaw: Evolve your way out of a body-bag mammals!
  • MScat: “Say hello to my little arms!!”
  • Pandademic: Do it! Bomb ‘em forward to the Stone Age!
  • The Atomic Punk: “Cold blood and hot lead, baby!”
  • Moognation: Dammit! I asked for a scatta gun, not a chatta gun!
  • MartianBlue: LeRooaaarrrr jeannkinnsss!
  • TheNate: Welcome to Kick Yourassick Park!
  • X-stacy: Of course I’m gonna shoot you in cold blood! I’m a REPTILE.
  • dblade: “Tombstones! Meet the Tombstones!”

As the overall winner, I chose the very last one submitted, proving once again it's (almost) never too late if your idea is funny! For making me laugh right out loud on a morning when I felt like dinosaur poop, the win goes to ... dblade!

You have to admit, that's a darn catchy tune with which to meet your doom.

Congrats to dblade and all our Finalists!