Sharing Day, Disillusionment Edition

When I was a kid, watching the original "Star Wars" trilogy was practically a religious experience. Those movies flamed the geeky fires of my nerdy little heart. I was already a big sci-fi and comics fan, but that first movie was like nothing I'd ever experienced. For a long, long time, those movies were my favorites, setting the standard by which everything else was measured.

Then I saw "Phantom Menace", a movie so bad (in my opinion) that it tainted the earlier movies, almost ruining them.

Today's Sharing Day is about that kind of experience:

Have you ever loved a geeky franchise or product -- a movie or series of movies, a novel or series of novels, etc. -- only to have a subsequent installment that's so bad, it ruined the entire thing for you?

I'd love to hear if you've had an experience like that. If you respond with your own story in the comments to this post, you can (if you wish) ask me a question about whatever you like, and I'll answer honestly.

Alternatively, I'd also accept answers along the lines of some geeky thing you used to think was awesome, only to revisit it years later to discover that in fact, it blows. For instance, I used to love "The Dukes of Hazzard" TV show when I was a kid. But a few years back I tried to watch an episode and wow, was it horrific. Virtually unwatchable. It was so bad, it reached back in time to taint my feelings of joy as a child.