Iris Allen, Burrito Queen

(From "Showcase" number 10, ©1958 DC Comics.)

9 Responses to Iris Allen, Burrito Queen

  1. Dan Gonzalez says:

    So is her kryptonite bean-o?

  2. ams says:

    Women don’t do that, do they?

  3. Trekkie says:

    ams (2): Well, I’m told that they do, but silently, so that’s why there was only wind and no noise.

  4. Gero says:

    Maybe she’s the female lead in a movie…

  5. ams says:

    @Gero – ????????

  6. Gero says:

    @ams 5: You’ve never noticed that in movies? Where the main female character always seems to have her hair blowing around (because apparently windy=sexy or something) even when it’s not windy (and in some cases, even inside buildings). It’s so common a trope that comedy films regularly parody it…

  7. frankie says:

    That wasn’t wind lady, the Invisible Man was lifting up your dress.

  8. punkjay says:

    Or maybe she is such an airhead that the drop in air pressure actually causes a wind vortex around her!

  9. Tool says:

    Beano is her kryptonite LOL