Perhaps criminal “mastermind” is the wrong word

(From "Big 3" number 6, 1941.)

14 Responses to Perhaps criminal “mastermind” is the wrong word

  1. Myro says:

    While you’re holding it above your head? Okay, sure! Your funeral, pal.

    Also, seriously, it looks like he’s fighting Gorilla Grodd’s great grandfather. And might I say, alliteration is fun.

  2. ams says:

    Maybe it’s his first day as a “mastermind”….and sadly his last.

  3. Gero says:

    “We’re in a small boat in the middle of the ocean. So my best course of action is to set it on fire by throwing a barrel of gasoline at a flaming superhero! There’s NO WAY this can turn out bad!”

  4. NGpm says:

    This was plan B. Plan A involved Acme brand exploding boomerangs … super genius!

  5. Jeff Hebert says:

    You have to admit, though, this plan has the benefit of having never been tried before. So at least he’s innovative.

  6. Bael says:

    Yeah, at least this attack will be a surprise. Not even Batman could have seen that one coming.

  7. Sutter_Kaine says:

    I would have called this “Great Moments in Science Experiments”.

  8. Gero says:

    I just noticed, is the bad guy not wearing any pants, or are they just the same color as his skin?

  9. punkjay says:

    Mr. Flame?!?! See Superheroes in 1941 had the least thought out names in history.
    I can see the conversation now…
    Editor: “We have an idea for a guy who can set himself on fire can anyone think of a cool name…”

    Writer #1: “How about Human Torch!”
    Editor:”No…not simple enough!”
    Writer#2: “Firestorm?”
    Editor”No one is going to take THAT name seriously!”
    Writer #3: “What about MR FAAME!!!”
    Editor: “BRILLIANT!!! Print!” “*Whisper* Oh and I want you to draw the hero to match this picture my 7 year old son drew please, thanks.”

  10. logosgal says:

    Maybe it’s a special cool flame fed by some substance that burns at a lower temperature than gasoline?

    …I’m guessing not.

  11. Dan Gonzalez says:

    Ironically, his plan just might work. Liquid gasoline doesn’t burn. Gasoline fumes burn. You can actually douse a flame with liquid gasoline. Not something I would try on a superhero in a small boat, but not impossible.

  12. Jeff Hebert says:

    So, “The Flame” has control over fire. He can actually travel through it (as in, if there’s a candle somewhere a hundred miles away, he can jump into a fire where he is and come out of the candle’s flame), he can control it almost like Green Lantern does his ring’s energy, and it doesn’t burn him at all.

    And yet, every single story features the criminal trying to burn him up in some way. Every time. Even here, after this guy has already failed to kill The Flame by tying him up and leaving him in a burning warehouse, his big plan is to fling a can of gasoline at him. In a wooden boat. In the middle of the bay.

    Attention Criminal Underworld: You might be able to fight fire with fire, but you can’t fight The Flame with it.

  13. Sticko97 says:

    He’d have more luck just pushing him off the boat. Just saying.

  14. X-stacy says:

    Previous panel: “Here he comes! Somebody hold my beer.”