Nothing like a good drunken revelry

Previously on "Lone Wolf", we decided to fill ourselves with righteous fury and pursue the scurrilous dogs who so rudely treated us after our "rescue" at sea. And so we returned to the wharf, hoping to find their fishing galley (and, presumably, the villains themselves).

Huzzah, we've gotten some of our lost booty back! I hate it when my booty gets lost. Although, apparently in this town they have an entire street dedicated to it ...

I can't help but wonder why a hammock in a low-rent fishing boat in a medieval type setting has a label at all, and does it say "Thou shalt not removeth yon lable lest thou incur the righteous fury of the local constabulary"? And if it does have to have a label in it, why would it would indicate where the owner was going? Of course, maybe it's a magic label, enchanted to always show the location of its owner. In which case no husband anywhere anytime anyway would ever, ever buy it, even under threat of death.

Then I thought, well, maybe the label shows where the hammock was purchased. But then, why the heck is a tavern selling hammocks? Is it "The North Star Tavern and Wal-Mart"?

These are the kinds of things that my brain does to me. It's not pretty.

Anyway, I definitely got the sense from the responses last time that running these bastards down was on our minds, so I made a command decision and pursued them on to Section 215 towards Barnacle Street.

I hope they're having a sale on hammocks. Them things is comfy! Continuing the pursuit, I chose to enter.

Aha! We've tracked them down at last. What are the odds that a bunch of thieving sailors on shore leave would go to a tavern to get drunk?! And yet, our budding Sherlock Holmes nonetheless cracked the case. Now, of course, we need to decide what to do:

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Arm-wrestling? Seriously? All I can say is, if this turns into a fantasy version of "Over the Top" and we end up facing Sylvester Stallone over a sweat-drenched table, I'm going to hunt Joe Dever the author down and buy him many many drinks.

So what'll it be, intrepid explorers? Do we continue our pursuit of justice, do we chill out and chat up the local barrista, or do we make like Stallone and impress the locals with our mighty Kai thews?