Sharing Day, Good advice edition

Since Mother's Day is coming up, I thought it would be appropriate to ask you to answer the following question:

What's the best single piece of advice you've ever gotten?

Because we all know moms love to give advice! But it certainly doesn't have to be advice from your mom, although that would be fine too. Maybe it was a book you read, or something your best friend told you, or even a segment on Oprah. It might've been as life changing as "You should take that job" or as mundane as "You'd probably look better without wearing that pink thong on the outside of your leotards, Hydroman."

In return for answering the question and telling us all a little more about yourself, you get the chance to either give me some advice:

I'd like to know what it is about the HeroMachine blog you like, or even better, what you don't like. What you think I do well or what you think I do poorly. What you want to see more of, or less of. What you think I should do to get more readers, or features you'd like to see added or dropped, or really anything else you like, so long as it's about the blog portion of the site and not the actual application.

It's your chance to tell the Man off! For certain values of "Man" that equal "Bald fat guy who writes this blog."

Anyway, here's my answer to the main question:

The best single piece of advice I've ever gotten was from my brother Joey. He said, "The opinions of worthless people are worthless." I've always had a horrible lack of self-confidence, and at one point was really depressed and angsty about what people thought about me. It kind of was controlling my life. When he told me that, I guess I was finally at a point where I could really understand it, because it totally clicked for me. I stopped spending so much time worrying about what people who I didn't even like thought of me, and started spending more time worrying about what the people I loved -- and even more importantly, what I -- thought of me. It was a very liberating conversation and set the stage for a lot of personal happiness.

Now it’s your turn to share the best single piece of advice you've gotten, and hopefully to then give me some advice in return about the blog!