Green Lantern Wonder-Con trailer


16 Responses to Green Lantern Wonder-Con trailer

  1. Gero says:

    Doesn’t look too bad. I’m glad to see the smoke monster from Lost is still getting work at least…

  2. Ben Trafford says:

    Um. Wow. That looks ridiculously awesome.

  3. Mr. Q says:

    Yow! O_O

    I’d say trim off a minute or two of footage and you got a trailer to play before Thor. =D Looks like this movie is living up to the expectations but we shall see if it can do the real thing.

    Mr. Q

  4. Still not down with the costume, or even the choice of Ryan Reynolds. Sinestro so upstages Hal. That being said, I am totally jazzed for this.

    Kicker for me. When Hal Jordan is saying the oath, his eyes slowly turn a translucent green. Such detail tells me that the people making this movie actually care.

  5. zaheelee says:

    Green Lantern is one of my favorite books out right now, and the fact that Geoff Johns is helping with the movie just makes it all the more FANTASTICAL!!!

  6. Malfar says:

    Oh yeah baby! I love-love-love that video! Can’t wait to see the movie!

  7. Mysterious Zed says:

    Looks cool but is 3D necessary? I’m so tired of movies relying on 3D to make there movie “good”.

  8. Myro says:

    Certainly more excited about this movie with this trailer than the previous one. Still have a lot of reservations that I did before (the costume looks dumb; the ring does look better than the previous trailer, but still not “Green Lantern-y”; Ryan Reynolds doesn’t set the right tone for what I think of when I think Hal Jordan).
    Mark Strong looks and sounds awesome as Sinestro, and Temura Morrison seems like a waste to use on Abin Sur, considering the character dies early on, but considering the impact his death has, it seems a good choice.
    Atomic Punk (4): Yeah, I noticed that with the eyes too. That was a great touch.

  9. Gero says:

    @Zed7: If you mean 3-D like “oh my god, it’s coming out of the screen!”, that’s just a fad. The same thing happened in the 80’s and died down pretty quick. If you mean CGI/digital enhancing/etc. then yah, I’m getting tired of that too. We need to hurry up and reanimate the corpse of Stan Winston so we can go back to the good old days of special effects, when if you wanted a full-sized T-rex or a killer robot, you acually built one…

  10. remy says:

    I think the trailer looks awesome. The CGI costumes are iffy, but the costumes are created by the ring, so it makes sense for it to look that way. I don’t mind Reynolds as Jordan. I think he’ll do fine. Hearing him recite the oath was what convinced me. I also love Rush as Tomar-Re

  11. The Imp says:

    @Zed: I hear ya on the 3D. I’ll be so glad when 3D fades into obscurity again…

    But yeah. I’m thinking this will be a pretty good flick. Not great, but not horrible. The initial CGI scenes at the beginning of the trailer look really sketchy to me, but… we’ll see. I don’t mind Reynolds; he should do a good job.

  12. Tool says:

    hey i agree with some of you guys. i dont know if ryan was a good choice and the suit and some of the effects look stupid but i do like green lantern. i think kyle rayner is cooler then hal jordan though. i will see it but i hate that everything is 3d now too. it looks like a good rent.

  13. Arioch says:

    “If your movie is shitty, make it in 3D”.
    Most often than not, this is sadly true.

    I’ll go see GL, because, well, it’s GL, but I hate the triple combo of increased price, hurting nose (the glasses weight a lot) and headache.

  14. MScat says:

    My only concern is the amount of special effects used in it. It seems to take away from the general feel of it. At least that’s how it felt for a trailer.

    I never thought I’d ever ask this question but “Is there such a thing as too much special effects?”

    We shall see when it comes out.

  15. punkjay says:

    wow cool, even if van wilder is green lantern

  16. ajw says:

    looks much better than before and a little jango fett audio cameo suits it well